LETTER TO THE EDITOR – April 26th, 2018

Hemet’s City Council gets a homework assignment

Photo by Jim Welker
The Hemet City Council’s homework assignment.

Dear Editor,

In eight years, the Hemet City Council has been incapable of producing a balanced budget. I know the council will say times are tough and that it is hard to get things accomplished.
So here is a small task: for eight years these empty newspaper racks have been taking up space on the public sidewalk. Please send someone from the city yard to unbolt these eyesores. It is a small task. If you can’t get a city employee to do it, then I will lend all five of you a wrench.

Jim Welker, Hemet

Government, God and marijuana

Dear Editor,

On the front page of today’s newspaper (April 17) were two articles of interest.
One was that President Trump and Sean Hannity share the same personal attorney. That seems to warrant the headline. Why is that? Is this attorney limited to having only one client? Is it against any law for the president to have a personal attorney? Oh I get it! It is something else to form a special investigation. Why is every action taken by Trump scrutinized and investigated?
The second article is about a church in the Inland Empire (Jurupa to be exact) that smokes marijuana and uses various foods as part of their sacraments for worship. Really? Which Bible are they using? The versions of the Bible usually used to celebrate the Lord’s Last Supper state the breaking of the bread (representing Christ’s body) and the wine (representing Christ’s blood) are the elements used. Perhaps this Jurupa church needs to add a laxative to their list of articles used as a sacrament since it appears they are full of “feces.”
Not sure what this country is turning into, perhaps the United States of “Asylums.”

Nancy Eller, Hemet

Your tax dollars at work

Dear Editor,

In a single week, March 31 to April 6, Hemet was beset by 23 property crimes, 13 thefts from vehicles, 11 thefts of vehicles, 8 assaults, 6 thefts, 4 breaking and enterings, 3 drug-related incidents, 1 disorder, 1 public intoxication and 1 miscellaneous robbery. In any other town, that level of crime would constitute an all-out emergency. But in Hemet, we had the good sense to vote in a 1 percent sales tax to “Keep Hemet Safe.” The police knew just what to do.
They cracked down on jaywalkers.

Andrea Feodorov, Hemet

Work program

Dear Editor,

I have lived in the valley all my life and have worked at Brubaker Culton Realtors for 44 years.
I was answering phones at the office the other day and an apparent homeless man on a bicycle was pulling a trash can and cleaning up the sidewalk across the street. I thought, what if we started a program funded by business people that encouraged people like this gentleman to clean up trash off the streets? It wouldn’t take a lot of time to make our city more beautiful.
I don’t know how to contact this particular man, but others have seen him picking up trash as well.
Just a thought…

Bill Viele, Hemet

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