SJ man dies in head-on collision on Sanderson Avenue

Erratic driving precedes crash as friends speculate on the cause

■ Chronicle News Staff

A 28-year-old San Jacinto man died Sunday night, April 22, in a three-vehicle crash on North Sanderson Avenue near Gilman Springs Road just north of San Jacinto, according to the highway patrol.
The coroner’s office identified the victim as Jacob Sinclair, 28, of San Jacinto. Officers released details of the crash that had drivers in the area calling 911 and driving with their flashers on because the victim had been driving so erratically.
In addition to Sinclair, a 39-year-old resident of Pasadena was seriously injured and had to be cut from his Toyota before being transported to the hospital, and a 50-year-old Hemet man in a BMW escaped injury, but suffered damage to his car.
Police said Sinclair was driving a Ford Focus southbound and careening back and forth across both lanes of Sanderson Avenue for some 15 minutes before the crash as other drivers called 911 to report the danger. Before police could intercept the man, he plowed head-on into another vehicle and died before rescuers could free him from his crumpled gold sedan.
While it appeared the man may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, family and friends of the deceased driver told police the man had been ill recently, was on his way home from work, and may have been fatigued and fell asleep. Toxicology tests are being performed and may shed some light on why his driving was so erratic.

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