Hemet Police crack down on prostitution

Undercover ‘John’ stings lead to 16 citizen arrests

The Hemet Crime Suppression Unit was fielded with three detectives and a supervisor in November of last year and in their first four months have targeted both the supply of prostitution (the prostitutes themselves) and the demand for prostitution (the “Johns” looking to purchase their services, police reported.
In targeting the supply, the Hemet CSU has conducted more than 20 undercover surveillance operations along Florida Avenue. Although many of these operations did not lead to prostitution arrests, they were all productive in the form of intelligence gathering or even arrests for other violations such as stolen vehicles or outstanding warrants, according to police.
The operations have led to the arrest of 15 prostitutes and five of their “pimps.” Additionally, three victims of human trafficking have been identified and rescued as a result of the operations, police said. CSU detectives have noticed a drastic reduction in the amount of online prostitution service ads for the Hemet area and they are seeing a reduction in the number of prostitutes walking the street.
As for targeting the demand for prostitution, CSU has hosted two undercover “John” stings where fictitious Internet ads are placed and officers negotiate sexual acts for money over the phone and through text messages. These stings have resulted in the arrest of 16 people.
“We recognize that this is just the beginning, but it is certainly a great start,” said one officer. “In fact, if the threats we have started receiving from local pimps is any indication, then we are well on our way to making a huge impact!

Hemet PD prostitution enforcement results
Prostitutes arrested: 16
Pimps arrested: 5
Johns arrested: 16
Human trafficking victims rescued: 3

Pickup wrecks two parked cars and crashes into a tree in San Jacinto

A pickup truck carrying a large industrial refrigerator went out of control and crashed head-on into a parked vehicle Tuesday, May 1, thrusting it onto another parked car. The pickup that caused the wreck then climbed over a curb and finally stopped by crashing into a tree near Laurelhurst Heights and Multnomah Court in San Jacinto.
After residents heard the crash and ran to the scene to assess the situation, first responders were called and upon arrival found a white Nissan situated parallel to Laurelhurst Heights with a destroyed front end after being struck by a Dodge pickup.
None of the three occupants of the pickup truck were injured and all declined medical treatment at the scene.
The San Jacinto Police Department has an ongoing investigation as to the causes of the collision.

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