Hemet Grandmaster honored by Martial Arts History Museum

Hemet Grandmaster honored by Martial Arts History Museum

Photo by Colleen Nielsen
Ford Edwards honored by Mike Matsuda at Martial Arts History Museum.

■ Chronicle News Service

Sifu Ford Edwards, the Grandmaster of the Little Tao Dragon Martial & Healing Arts in downtown Hemet, was recently honored by the Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank.
The museum awarded Edwards for his commitment to the Shaolin Martial and Healing Arts. Edwards has studied the arts for over 30 years, and during that time, has led kung fu, tai chi, and reiki classes in Torrance and Hemet for children and adults. The museum also presented him with the Distinguished Ambassador Honor Award, recognizing him as one of the most distinguished and honored kung fu pioneers.
Edwards is recognized as a man of great character and magnificent in martial arts skills. When asked for comments, a 13-year-old student expressed appreciation for Edwards’ guidance and considers him father-like, since he does not have a father.
An adult student, who had strokes on both sides of her brain, said that tai chi movements are re-establishing neuro pathways and is assisting in her rehabilitation.
Another adult student stated that Edwards is the finest martial arts instructor with whom he has ever trained. He credits Edwards for improving every area of his life.
For more information, visit LittleTaoDragon.com and MartialArtsMuseum.com.

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