LETTER TO THE EDITOR – May 17th, 2018

Hemet City Council should follow auditor’s recommendations

Dear Editor,

The people of Hemet were presented with Measure E and voted it down. Measure E was repackaged and presented to the people as Measure U with the promise of NO commingling of funds.
Councilwomen Linda Krupa and Bonnie Wright were on the city council at that time and told the people that Measure U would solve the city’s budget problems. The budget crisis that could take the city into the bankruptcy courts continues to this day.

The state auditor stated the following issues:
• Use of city-supported library by nonresidents
• Underfunded fire department
• Inefficient structure of city government – (ineffective and inefficient organizational management negatively affects Hemet’s provision of public services)
• Lack of consistent leadership
• Inconsistencies in outsourcing maintenance activities
• Lack of a coordinated approach to promote community engagement
• Ongoing budget deficit

If the recommendations by the state auditor had been instituted, Measure U would have been unnecessary to balance the city’s budget.
If the state auditor’s recommendations had been followed, the city of Hemet would not only have a balanced budget, but the city of Hemet would have a surplus of funds that could be used to solve many of the city’s problems.

Thank you,
Jim Welker, Hemet

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