Mothers blessed at St. Anthony’s

Unique mass ceremony honors moms on Mother’s Day

Courtesy of Dennis Fletcher
View from the parishioners.

■ By Dennis Fletcher / Contributed

Mother’s Day mass at St. Anthony Catholic Church is a day that mothers look forward to. Because that’s the day that mothers are honored at the church for their unique contribution to the family.
Although the church’s Reverend Father Cristobal Subosa was out of town over Mother’s Day weekend, Father Peter Ssekajugo handled the mass admirably and with his own unique personality and charm that he brings from his native Uganda.

Courtesy of Dennis Fletcher
View from the altar.

During the mass, Father Ssekajugo shared photographs that he narrated, telling the story of how a water well was drilled in his parish back in Uganda and how important potable water is to the village there.
At the end of the mass, the mothers were invited forward for the blessing. Father Ssekajugo blessed each mother with holy water and shared a few personal words with them, while the rest of those in attendance sent their love forward.
As parishioners were filing out of the happy service, one could be heard to say, “I return to this Mother’s Day mass every year.”
Fathers can look forward to a similar blessing over Father’s Day, if they behave themselves.
St. Anthony’s Catholic Church has been on the same site for 128 years, and is currently celebrating the 40th anniversary of the San Bernardino Diocese. It is located at 630 S. Santa Fe Ave. in San Jacinto.

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