Remembering a ‘Spiritual Wonder Woman’

Linda Miller, wife of San Jacinto councilman, passes away at 63

Photo courtesy of Scott Miller
Linda and Scott Miller were married for 31 years.

■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter

On Saturday, May 19, the pews at San Jacinto Assembly of God filled with hundreds of attendees as they congregated to celebrate the life of Linda Carson Miller.
Born in Evanston Illinois, 1955, Linda was a second generation American of Swedish immigrants. As she grew up in Chicago, she developed a love for the arts and theatre, and in the late ‘70s, she was offered a character role with a traveling national theatre group in their new, up and coming play, Grease.
She eventually brought her talents to the classroom, and became an elementary school teacher and day care director. In the church, she took the responsibilities of youth pastor, and bible study group leader. She had excellent grammar skills, and dreamed of becoming a published author, having penned several short stories.
After a two year battle with lung cancer, Linda Miller passed away on Monday, May 14, 2018.
Throughout the service, Linda, who was a mother, wife, teacher and friend, was memorialized through tales of kindness, wisdom, and faith.
“Linda was the most positive person I knew,” said one of the speakers.
“She was always the voice of encouragement,” said another.
Many of Linda’s friends and family also described her as a true “Proverbs 31 woman,” due to her strong show of faith in everything she did. Proverbs 31 of course, describes the ideal Godly woman, with such characteristics as being “worth far more than rubies,” and being “clothed with strength and dignity.”
Another of Linda’s friends added to that, calling her a “spiritual Wonder Woman.” Subsequently, highlighted excerpts from Linda’s famously “marked-up” Bible were read aloud for the crowd.
Choking up between tears, Linda’s children Caleb and Temree shared personal stories of their mother’s undeniable love for them and many others. Afterward, Temree sang a powerful rendition of “Room at the Table” on stage, while Caleb provided the drumbeat.

Photo courtesy of Miller family
Linda Carson Miller.

In closing, Linda’s husband, San Jacinto City Councilman Scott Miller, came up on stage to address the large crowd that showed up for his wife.
“During the past few months, it has been a whirlwind of emotions,” he said, after thanking the crowd. “All of this happened so quickly, and most of the time, I would not allow myself to connect with the idea that the life of my wife was coming to an end. I was believing for a different outcome.”
Scott first met Linda at a local bible study while he was on military leave in Chicago, where they instantly hit it off. They later married on Scott’s birthday, May 5, 1987 (so that he would never forget!). They have two children together, three from Linda’s previous marriage, and six grandchildren.
In March 2016, Linda developed severe back spasms. According to Miller, they were so intense that he took her to the Loma Linda emergency room, where the doctor told them she simply had a weak back and would send her home with muscle relaxers.
However, the Millers knew there was more to the story. After Scott protested and argued with the doctor several times, they agreed to give her an MRI scan.
“That was the moment that changed our lives forever,” told Miller. They were told that they had found tumors in Linda’s hip, lung, and spine. “The doctors announced that Linda had stage four lung cancer.”
Given two years to live with treatments or 6 months without, Linda decided against chemotherapy and radiation, and spent the next two years making long trips to clinics and taking daily supplements.
“Don’t get me wrong. I always knew I had an amazing wife. I always knew that I married above my pay grade,” continued Miller. “But in these past few months, during Linda’s health decline, we began to lose the ability to do life together just as we had for the last 31 years.”
That is when Miller decided to take a step back from city council, so he could focus on his family.
Miller described that despite his wife’s weakened state, his family experienced an overwhelming closeness brought by God; one he described as fresh and new. Miller publicly recognized Linda’s daughter Heather, who played a big part in caring for her mother while she was sick. He made it clear that it was their collective faith that helped him and his family get through it together.
“Take time each day, to love and enjoy those that God has placed in your life,” he concluded.

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