LETTER TO THE EDITOR – May 31st, 2018

Few homeless, little stealing in Tennessee

Dear Editor,

Just returned from spending a month in Tennessee.
While there, we saw one person (one time only) with a cardboard sign asking for money. We did not have to take our own bags into any store. There were no security guards outside of Walmart. We were able to get whatever we needed right off the shelf.
There was no graffiti. Very little litter. Oh, and gas was 85-cents per gallon cheaper.
Now that we have just returned to Hemet, more homeless have been seen. More graffiti, more litter. Just returned from Walmart where a pre-electric shave product as well as eye drops are under lock and key.
Trust me. I have seen shopper(s) enter the neighborhood Walmart at Palm and Florida, go inside, fill their bag with items, and walk out without paying. I do believe this same thing could be accomplished at one of the larger Walmart stores as well. You just need to wave any receipt and you just might get away without paying there as well.
Are we ready to move to Tennessee? Getting out of Hemet would be great, getting out of California period would be a true blessing. California has one good thing going for it—- WEATHER!

Nancy Eller


Dear Ms. Eller,

We will acknowledge that there are too many homeless in Hemet and people somehow are getting away with stealing from large chain stores. (Two fellows tried stealing from a small tobacco shop in San Jacinto recently, though, and the owner shot one of them as they were fleeing.)
We would like to point out that this “problem” of poverty and homelessness is not confined to Hemet. The homeless in Santa Ana made news recently when they took over the civic center. Throughout San Diego, rows of colorful tents – with people living in them – are lined atop the overpasses. We suspect it’s only a matter of time before Tennessee catches the “homeless bug.” The rich getting richer, and the poor going homeless is a national issue.
If you wish to contribute to the conversation, we invite you to come to Hemet City Council meetings. The city has two initiatives underway to address the problem of transients and homelessness.


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