Police dog captures burglar despite being injured

Officers shoot a second burglar as he flees in a truck

Hemet Police Department
Duke refuses to stay down and pulls at his dressing.

■ Chronicle News Service

A Hemet police dog was injured early Sunday, May 27,when a fleeing burglary suspect hit him with his truck, but officers later shot the man, while the police dog attacked and captured the second suspect who was fleeing on foot.
According to Hemet Police, at about 5:23 a.m., a police K-9 team responded to a burglary alarm at a business in the 2000 block of E. Florida Avenue. The K-9 team found a truck backed up to the business and at least one suspect inside.
Upon seeing the police vehicle, the suspect fled on foot in an eastern direction. The officer and his K-9 partner, Duke,’ pursued the suspect, but as they were chasing him, a second suspect got into the truck and began to flee in the same direction. The truck nearly struck the K-9 officer and did hit Duke with the vehicle. The officer then shot at the truck and driver, but they continued to flee northbound onto Yale Street. Meanwhile, Duke, despite being injured, was able to continue and apprehended the suspect on foot.
As the officer called for backup, additional police units encountered the fleeing truck at the intersection of Yale and Florida , and shot the driver, who was taken into custody. Medical aid was summoned for both suspects. Meanwhile, the intersection of Yale and Florida was closed for approximately eight hours.
Ultimately, both suspects were taken to local hospitals for treatment. K-9 Duke was also rushed to a local veterinarian’s office for medical treatment. Both suspects are expected to survive and Duke received treatment for injuries to his leg and has gone home to recover.
This is still an active investigation and police are not yet releasing the names of the suspects or the officers at this time.

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