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Greetings from The Hemet Car Guy

Ok my wife loves our dogs! And there are some things that I’ve discovered.
I’ve seen thousands of pictures of our dog via Facebook and lots of texts from my wife that say, “OMG look what Drew just did!” And nothing is cuter than catching the two of them taking a nap together. So according to her, The Car Guy needs to write about vehicles for dogs.
When shopping for a new set of wheels, you may have many considerations, but carting your canine properly should be one of them. Whether you’re setting out on a long road trip or running a quick in-town errand, you want to be able to transport your furry friend as safely, conveniently, and comfortably as possible. There are a number of desired features that can help make your vehicle choice a more pet-friendly one:
A rear lift gate allows your dog to jump in and out of the car easily; it also makes for more convenient loading of pet carriers, crates and kennels.
Fold-flat seats create a spacious area for your dog to sit while keeping the actual surface of the seats clean from hair or scratches.
An airy cabin is especially beneficial for large dogs to stretch out.
Rear cargo-attachment ringlets help keep carriers and crates from sliding around.
A containment barrier/divider keeps your dog from jumping up to the front seat while the car is in motion.
A low ride-height helps dogs–especially older ones–get in and out with ease.
Rear climate control keeps your dog cool and comfortable in transit no matter what the weather is like.
A sunroof brings fresh air and sunlight so you can keep your dog from hanging its head out of the window.
Underfloor storage gets your things out of the way so your dog can ride more comfortably.
These features will enhance comfort and convenience. Since driving around with your dog has its risks, safe transport should be at the top of your priorities.
In other words, it may be fun for your dog to ride on your lap on the highway, but it’s clearly not the best idea. From crossovers to minivans to wagons, there are many well-suited cars for dog owners.

Hope that helps!

The Hemet Car Guy

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