300 runners partake in Memorial Day run

2018 marks sixth annual Made2BFit Memorial Day walk/run

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Kimberly Austin hands out completion medals at the finish line.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Going to work isn’t necessarily what anyone plans to do on Memorial Day. But many of us will workout on Memorial Day and that’s something we can turn into a great work for ourselves and others. That’s exactly what over 300 runners did at the Diamond Valley Sports Complex on May 28.
Their workout would become the sixth annual Made 2B Fit Memorial Walk/Run. Several organizations coordinated runners of their own to enter in the races, including Fast & Fabulous of Temecula, Team Ellenwood of San Jacinto and ‘Are We Done Yet?’ of Wildomar, to name a few.
Kimberly Austin once again led the effort by saying, “We support an organization called T.A.P.S., which is Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. And they provide care for family members that are left behind. And so this year, as we celebrate (our) sixth year, we actually added a few new events.” Those events included a new five-mile trail run and a 10K relay.
Attendance was down versus 2017, but Austin hopes the improvements to the events will help bring some of last year’s crowd back, “Last year, we had a little mishap. But this year we’re looking forward to nothing but a great time.” This year, runners’ times were kept by Fusion Timing. Almost 100 volunteers came together to coordinate runners, get them used to a reversed and improved layout, and then provide snacks and refreshments afterwards.
Here’s how the race turned out, including adjustments for some confusion that remained in the layout of the track:
Top Overall, Male: Kameron Hyden, Menifee 19:11
Top Overall, Female: Danyelle Drenk Temecula, 25:10
Male 10 and Under: Christopher Gordon, Jr., Murrieta, 31:31
Female 10 and Under: Delara Mirdamadi, Menifee, 41:14
Male 11-13: Noah Moreira, Temecula, 24:44
Female 11-13: Madison Hudson, Temecula 33:50
Male 14-19: Joseph Schaff, Sun City, 22:28
Female 14-19: Julianna Sisco, Temecula, 33:50
Female 20-24: Alexandria Kira Gordon, Murrieta, 42:56
Male 25-29: Marshal Fradd, Wildomar, 30:20
Female 25-29: Yamilette Mendez, Murrieta, 30:35
Male 30-34: Mike Thezier, Hemet, 30:25
Female 30-34: Lorelyn Ruiz, Menifee, 29:10
Male 35-39: Christopher Jensen, Perris, 29:02
Female 35-39: Sally Meeker, Temecula, 27:49
Male 40-44: Tom Lemke, Murrieta, 25:10
Female 40-44: Dinora Mejia, Murrieta, 29:52
Male 45-49: Eddie Le Vine, Murrieta, 28:54
Female 45-49: Isabel Cox, Winchester, 33:27
Male 50-54: Rob Briney, Lake Elsinore, 21:37
Female 50-54: Willela McKinney, Chicago Illinois, 51:31
Male 55-59: Aramdo Padilla, Murrieta, 23:09
Female 55-59: Shelly Mason, Highland, 29:23
Male 60-64: Loren Reith, Menifee, 29:32
Female 60-64: Cheryl Smith, Murrieta, 33:12
Male 65-69: Ron Du Preez, Bullhead City, 24:14
Female 65-69: Debra Bruno, Riverside, 46:12
Male 70-99: Isaac Williams, Murrieta, 45:14
5 Mile
Top Overall, Male: Joseph Biehl, Juniper Hills, 29:36
Top Overall, Female: Evelyn Williams, Murrieta, 45:19
Female 30-34: Kathleen Pettit, Temecula, 1:12:58
Female 35-39: Wendy Tyler, Hemet, 1:11:47
Female 40-44: Bridgette Ivory, San Jacinto, 1:14:12
Female 45-49: Tamara Lozra, Hemet, 53:45
Male 50-54: Jerick Sobie, Temecula, 47:10
Female 50-54: Kathy Johnson (No city avail.), 1:02:18
Male 55-59: Brad Jorda, Murrieta, 54:21
Female 55-59: Mie Lynn Tsuchimoto, Wildomar, 1:11:39
Female 60-64: Debby Cosart, Fallbrook, 23:36
Female 65-69: Kathie Zwick, Riverside, 1:02:31
Top Overall Male: Jerry Gomez, Menifee, 41:37
Top Overall Female: Adriana Avilez, Laguna Hills, 46:17
Female 14-19: Madison Hanners, Murrieta, 1:01:39
Male 25-29: Genaro Guzman, Hemet, 47:10
Female 25-29: Amber Stokes, Hemet, 59:08
Female 30-34: Christina Martinez, Hemet, 52:43
Female 35-39: Ugochi Anaebere Nicholson, Riverside, 58:41
Male 40-44: Calvin Nicholson, Riverside, 1:01:44
Female 40-44: Maria Perez, Beaumont, 56:56
Female 45-49: Claudia Alderete, San Jacinto, 55:41
Male 50-54: James Palmer, Menifee, 54:51
Female 50-54: Cheryl Westbrook, San Marcos, 54:37
Male 55-59: Mike Tidwell, Riverside, 1:04:16
Female 55-59: Diane Logan, Menifee, 1:20:13
Male 60-64: Steve Ekberg, Banning, 1:20:49
Female 60-64: Kathy Ekberg, Banning, 56:18
Male 65-69: Rami Zwick, Riverside, 1:08:33
Female 70-99: Lola Ackerman, Beaumont, 55:43
Based on the results list, there were fewer 10K runners this year than 5K.
In addition to the awards ceremony held at the sports complex after the race, an after party was thrown the following evening by sponsor Lululemon at the Temecula Promenade. There were refreshments served and the remaining medals were claimed.
All those who took part in this year’s Memorial Day runs did a job well done. This holiday workout will help keep Memorial Day in the heart of the valley for years to come. For information on next year’s run and all that Made 2B Fit has going on, visit their website at www.made2bfit.com

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