Singer-songwriter Matt Costa will perform in Hemet

OC native and Coachella artist is set to take the stage at Derby’s

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Matt Costa has toured with Jack Johnson, released five independent songs, and just dropped his most recent album Santa Rosa Fangs.

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Southern California songwriter Matt Costa has drifted through a strange and varied life in music, pushed toward pop music at a young age and sold hundreds of thousands of records, and toured the world on a simple, direct, and freewheeling debut. In the last few years, Costa took heavy stock in his work and made unexpected turns into more progressive and thoughtful territories. This new direction has found him wandering; an outlier between the worlds of his own development as an artist, modern Orange County, his former label Brushfire Records, and an older California mystique.
Matt Costa will be coming to Hemet July 27 and performing at Derby’s Bar & Grill.
Prolific at every turn, Matt has taken on the aura of a classic California drifter by spinning records in the midnight hours of his local Laguna Beach radio station, writing by day cataclysmically varied music, fingerpicking John Fahey-like numbers to Beach Boys-like pop, creating singer songwriter numbers like a young Harry Nilsson to early rock & roll, playing guitar and arrangements like Brian Jones.
Born and raised in Laguna Beach, Costa met some filmmakers hard at work on a documentary entitled Orange Sunshine detailing the story of the Brotherhood of Eternal love; a coastal church centered on psychedelics who became the largest manufacturers and distributors of LSD in the United States. Matt composed the entire score, beginning to tap into the underlying myths and secrets of his hometown. The film and Matt’s soundtrack were both released to wide acclaim at the end of 2016. Concurrently with the film, Matt Costa began to write so much music that it threw off label schedules. Exhausted by talk of record and touring cycles, and the economics of the music industry, Matt quietly self released a total of 5 EP’s.
The start of 2017 brought a new found purpose, resolution, and a powerful new cycle of songs harkening to the sunny and darker edges of California. With each song speaking from both its own history and experience, Matt is now returning to the studio, after embarking on his first full LP in almost five years. Recording at New Monkey Studio (Elliott Smith’s old room in Los Angeles), and producing alongside Peter Matthew Bauer (The Walkmen) & Nick Stumpf (French Kicks, Caveman), this new record takes Matt Costa’s experiments and journeys of the last few years and focuses them into a new, direct statement.
The record has a classic sound reminiscent of Tom Petty and early Elvis Costello, complete with a strong back beat discovered with his rollicking touring band, and an acoustic side that plays out as some of Matt’s best individual stories put to tape. After a long time wandering, it is now time for a return to the world at large.
On July 27, Matt Costa will be coming to Hemet and performing at Derby’s Bar & Grill, 2860 W. Florida Ave. General admission is $15 and doors open at 7 p.m. Local artist performances start at 8 p.m and showtime for Matt Costa will be scheduled for 9:30 p.m.

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