Domestic violence group receives trauma-center funding

$750,000 grant to provide mental health and support services to victims

Photo courtesy California Victim Compensation Board
CalVCB has awarded Alternatives to Domestic Violence $750,000 for a victims’ trauma center in Hemet.

■ Chronicle News Service

Alternatives to Domestic Violence (ADV) has announced receipt of a $750,000 grant from the California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) to establish a
Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) in Hemet.
Currently, CalVCB funds 12 trauma centers in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay areas.
CalVCB ensures that mental health services are widespread for victims of violent crimes. The trauma center will operate in collaboration with community service organizations to provide comprehensive treatment to victims of crime. TRC trauma clinicians will provide immediate mental health support and advocacy to patients who are the victims of traumatic violent crimes such as sexual assault, rape, human trafficking, domestic violence, and hate crimes.
“We are proud to launch Riverside County’s first Trauma Recovery Center for Victims,” says Florence White, CEO of ADV. “This is groundbreaking for the domestic violence community in that we are now able to deploy a full spectrum of mental health resources and comprehensive care to address the symptoms of trauma that debilitate a victim’s recovery”.
TRC clinicians will provide victims of violent crimes with trauma counseling and assistance with any other immediate needs such as shelter and victim-related support such as applying for victim compensation and will, if needed, arrange for victims to receive more specialized assistance, such as substance abuse treatment, sexual assault, domestic violence services, and legal advocacy.
Alternatives to Domestic Violence (ADV) is the primary victim service provider for Domestic Violence in Riverside County and will continue to support DV victims with emergency shelter, transitional living services, advocacy and counseling, in concert with Trauma Recovery Center (TRC).

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