LETTER TO THE EDITOR – June 21st, 2018

Measure U Oversight Committee is ethical

Dear Editor,

We, representing the members of the Measure U Oversight Committee, take strong exception to the comments in your newspaper of 5/24/18-5/30/18 in the article entitled, “Let us be reminded that Hemet City Hall is unresponsive” regarding the so-called lack of response by our Oversight Committee to statements in your newspaper over the past few months.
If you would like to send us specific statements by a stated individual of a specific instance or charge regarding conflict of interest, lack of ethics, transparency, or wrongdoing, we will be more than happy to respond. In fact, we are eager to respond as we take our responsibilities to the Hemet public very seriously and wish our community to be confident that we properly represent their wishes in the matter of funds collected under Measure U.
We would appreciate your publishing this response in your next edition.

Jeff Retmeir, Chair
Marie McDonald, Vice-chair
Measure U Oversight Committee

Hey World, we want it our way!

Dear Editor,

If memory serves me right; by God I remember “part of it,” not all of it. Here goes:
After the “ceasefire” in Korea, the two Koreas tried desperately to come to terms and hack out some kind of non-aggression pact. The place as I recall was “Panmunjom.”
Months and months went by, maybe even years. The end result: The two Koreas could not even agree on a “meeting place” since North Korea “walked out.” Walked out – walked out. You get the picture?
Now President Trump has turned the picture completely around! With sanctions in place, with our military right at North Korea’s front door, “AFTER 60 PLUS YEARS” of stalemate, they now “want to talk”!
Mainstream “corrupt media,” WAKE UP. We finally have a President who loves our great country and our ways of life. To obstruct, sabotage, and undermine any President of the U.S. is totally UNAMERICAN.
As far as the so-called trade war is concerned, President Trump did not start this mess. Prior administrations allowed the U.S. to become the “dumping ground” of foreign goods and wares to enter our country untaxed, while American exports shipped to overseas markets were being heavily taxed.
Now again, we are the “culprits” for simply saying we will now stop this imbalance and tax what’s coming in.
These “one world” people want it their way! Well hello there “world,” we want it OUR WAY!

Bob Schaeffer

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