“Bubba Comedy” hosts evening of jazz and jokes

Diamond Valley Arts Council opens up gallery for comedy show

Photos by Corey Evan
Raul Zambrano performs his stand-up for the audience.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

On June 23, the Diamond Valley Arts Council gallery held a “Jazz and Jokes” comedy show that taught audiences sometimes you need to laugh at yourself.
The show located at 123 N. Harvard St. in downtown Hemet was hosted by Stephen “Bubba” Butler, who joked that he found the talent for the Friday night show by going to the local shops. “You go to the Walmart, and you have all the jokes you want!”

Comedian “Big Liam” jokes about his thuggish lifestyle.

But his real answer as to how he found his lineup: “I got to work with a lot of these guys over the years. That’s how I met them.” Butler has been to shows all around Southern California, and this year he is adding a personal tragedy into his routine. Last year he recovered after being shot while rescuing a woman in Menifee. The bullet ended up going through his face and into his chest, where it is still lodged today.
According to Butler, the Hemet Rotary Club contacted him and set him up with the DVAC, who asked him to host the show to raise money for the American Trail.
The lineup for the evening included:
Raúl Zambrano, who pointed out his ethnicity comes with some handy perks. “I recently found out I have the type of neck that’s hard to choke; If you guys don’t get it, it’s hard to hurt something that isn’t there.”
Brian Apprille told audiences about his weight-loss journey, “I had to have surgery because I found out I’m fat; I had no idea, it just snuck up on me. You know?” Apprille also demonstrated several of his voice impersonations, including his Homer Simpson voice.
“Big Liam”, whom Butler joked to be his brother, jokes about living the thug life: “I’m starting to get noticed quite a bit; People have been running up to me for pictures and autographs. I’m a little uncomfortable, though… I’m not sure if it’s from my movies and comedy or my old ‘Wanted’ posters.”
Matin Atrushi makes light of being a single gentleman: “Dating is hard for me and that’s mainly ‘cause I look like Ray Romano’s cousin… I look like the manager at Best Buy…I look like the love child of Jon Lovett and Jeff Goldblum!”

Headliner Patrick Deguire gives his share of laughs despite being partially blinded from an optic condition.

The headliner was Patrick DeGuire, who is coping with being legally (not totally) blind as a result of having optic neuritis: “Having bad vision means I’m afraid to discipline my own children because they’re the ones who help me cross the street!”
There were two different shows that were held. A 7 p.m. show featured relatively cleaner comedy, in an effort to be sensitive toward the DVAC audiences. Then there was a 9 p.m show for those who craved a more colorful comedy.
Regardless of what kind of humor audiences prefer, there’s plenty more to come from “Bubba’s Comedy”. Butler says he plans to put on more shows for the DVAC, as well as a toy drive in December.
DeGuire sells t-shirts and other merchandise, with proceeds supporting the San Diego Center for the Blind, which can be purchased from his website at: www.patrickdeguirecomedy.com. Butler also sells merchandise, with proceeds benefiting homes for abused women and children in the valley. You can learn more about Butler and all happenings at the DVAC by visiting www.thedvac.org.

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