Clergy Corner: So, what is in your spiritual bank account?

The divine never fails, and love never fails, and we will never fail if we use the love that is the divine

The Center for Spiritual Living Hemet
Reverend Rhonda Tretsven.

■ Rhonda Tretsven / Contributed

Does anyone of us really understand that infinite account of our life? When speaking of spiritual wisdom? I believe we all understand – at some level – through our faith traditions that we have an infinite mental reserve account of love and faith with God. It is to this love and faith that we draw on when writing checks to the crises in our lives, not only for ourselves but for others.
As spiritual beings, we accept and know the power of the divine as the infinite depositor in what I am going to refer to as “The Bank of Life.” Lucky for us this bank is always open. It is in “God We Trust” and consent to infinite possibilities insured by the FDIC (Fearlessly Divine Infinite Conviction).
So, we pretty much know that we have to have money before we can spend it, right? And how comfortable it makes us to feel to have a good amount in that checking account? Knowing without a doubt it is an account big enough to draw on in emergencies without impoverishing us when it comes to paying for our ordinary needs.

Another kind of checking
So let me speak to another kind of checking account which is equally important, located in the “bank of life.” I will call this our “spiritual bank account” – because we believe there are great spiritual forces that we can draw on and deposit in our own minds – which can be used in any emergency, in any stress or strain of life. Realizing we were drawing on the infinite presence of God each day, we knowingly auto deposit hope, happiness, and faith to more than meet any emergency that might possibly arise. If fact, our cup runneth over!
God, the infinite creative power, the great “bank manager” in our hearts, knows when our funds are getting low and we need to look at our reserves. That is our prayer life. The beautiful part of this reserve account is that it is filled with unconditional love. One of the “conditions” of this reserve account is that it never has to be paid back, only forward. What we recognize is that love constantly expands because wherever we are, God is also. 1 Corinthians 12:6 says, there are different ways of working, but the same God works all things in all men.
So creating through our kindness, understanding, patience, and selfless giving, we are embodying the divine power of love, that which God is.
The divine essentially has imparted its own life and, in a mysterious way which is beyond our comprehension, has endowed us with the capacity to love. If the divine is love, and if each one of us has, as we must have, immediate access to the love of the divine, then we earn the ability to draw on the “bank of life” in such degree as we become loving. By communing with the infinite through spiritual practice of prayer we earn the ability to draw on this bank of infinite love.
Practice love
We know that we have to deposit money in the bank in order to draw checks. We know that the money is in a safe place and that the checks will be honored unless we overdraw the account. In our ordinary affairs, we have to earn the money, and in a certain sense this will be true of our spiritual bank account. But earning the supply or substance for our spiritual bank account is a little different, for we earn the ability to draw on the bank of life only through having practiced love. The divine is in us, through us always, and it has already made the initial deposit (and a big one) for everyone who is ever born into this world, because the divine has given itself to us.
So what does it look like when we have to “right” those checks? Dip into our reserves? Spend mental coin? We mentally “right” our checks against our account when we are called on to meet emergencies, times when we need more love and tolerance, more kindness and understanding, deeper faith and a higher hope. The crisis that appears as an experience of being human. Here is where “law of mind in action comes in to honor that check.”
When we apply our thought of love (the divine is right where we are or the situation is) directly to discordant situations, and there is nothing in you that is afraid, your thoughts of love are applied to that situation and will heal it….

Have conviction
We must have a firm conviction when we apply the principle of love to any human challenge, speak our word of conviction through prayer or your personal spiritual practice, because it will operate as God in the condition that confronts you, and will neutralize everything that opposes it. And now let us think of some other things we want to deposit in the bank of life. Perhaps one of the most important next to love is faith. Faith in ourselves, faith in what we are doing, and faith in those around us.
A person without faith is insecure and perhaps could be unstable about everything. Let us draw upon the reservoir of faith which comes only through implicit and complete surrender of all our fears, whether they be for big or little. Faith is natural; fear is unnatural. Faith is positive; fear is negative. Faith is affirmative; fear is denial of life. And we need a great deal of faith if we are going to meet all the fears and uncertainties that we are sure to encounter. Just as we cannot pay a thousand-dollar debt with five hundred dollars, so it is impossible to meet a trying circumstance unless we have sufficient faith to cover all the fear.
We have as much faith as we use. We have as much faith as we believe. Perfect love alone can cast out all fear. Love is always greater than fear. Fear is not really an enemy of love. All that fear can do is cast a shadow across your pathway. But this shadow is dissipated when you look at it with love. We are not dealing with two opposing forces but with only one force, which is absolute and positive and conclusive. The divine never fails and love never fails and we will never fail if we use the love that is the divine.

Accept truth
Something I want to share is we all have the opportunity to be an ATM (accepting truth mindfully) being as we are always open 24 hours. We do this by knowing the truth of the challenges in our life. No one and nothing is against us, unless of course you want to overdraw your account by spending mental coin to figure that out. It is our consciousness here, and here alone, that is the real substance that we can draw upon to purchase every good and beautiful thing that life has in store for us.
Here alone are peace and joy and certainty. Here alone is freedom from fear and doubt. Deliberately close all your accounts with the lesser banks, throw away the old checkbooks, debit cards, and forget them, and learn to turn daily to the one and only supreme source, which is the divine. Spend your time knowing every day, this or something better, because God works through you as you. And the best part about all of this is we never have to worry about a loan time, because God’s payments are always considered to be time well spent, because it’s all drawn up in unconditional love.

Rev. Rhonda Tretsven, is the senior minister of The First Church of Religious Science a Center for Spiritual Living (The Domes). The church has a faith based philosophy that all paths lead to God and wherever you are on your spiritual path you are welcome. The church’s spiritual family joyously accepts and loves its friends of the LGBTQ community. Services are Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. for meditation and 10 a.m. for church service. The website is

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