Filing window approaches for city council candidates

Two seats are up for voter review in this fall’s election

City of Hemet
Two seats in Districts 2 and 5 are up for election.

■ Chronicle News Staff

Anyone considering to run for city council can register during the filing window, July 16 – Aug. 10. The next municipal election will be held in Hemet on Nov. 6.
Several of the city’s councilmanic districts are up for election this year, including Districts 2 and 5 currently held by at-large Councilmembers Linda Krupa and Russ Brown. Brown, a retired police officer, was appointed to serve out the remainder of Paul Raver’s term, which expires in December 2018. Like Raver, Brown lives in District 2, which covers the northwestern portion of the city, so he can run for the seat in November. Krupa, who is also serving at large, will likely run in District 5 if she choose to seek reelection.
The position of city councilman pays about $9,000 annually. Candidates must be registered voters and residents of the city of Hemet. Anyone who is interested in running should stop by the offices of the The Hemet City Clerk or the Valley Chronicle for more information.
The City of Hemet is a general law city governed by a five-member city council. Members of the council and the City Treasurer are elected at large for a four-year term. A Municipal Election is held on the first Tuesday, following the first Monday, in November of even-numbered years.
The City Council is elected from districts by the city’s residents to serve four-year terms. As the city’s legislative body, the city council is responsible for the implementation of programs and services provided by the city, as well as hearing the concerns of local citizens. The City Council provides legislative and policy direction to the city manager, who implements their decisions to direct the activities of the city. The city council responds to issues and concerns of the community by allocating resources, developing policies, and formulating strategies that support the vitality, public safety, and economic viability of the city.
On an annual basis the City Council elects one of its own members to serve as Mayor; currently that is Mayor Michael Perciful, who is the presiding officer over the City Council Meetings.
To file papers to run in the election, first obtain the appropriate filing papers from the City Clerk, City of Hemet, Hemet City Clerk, Hemet, California, 92543. Next, submit the candidacy papers within the 113-88 day filing window prior to the election. Prior to submitting your candidacy papers, you should arrange an appointment with the City Clerk to make sure that you have the correct paperwork and application fee. If there is any difficulty finding someone to speak with at the city, contact the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office at (951) 486-7200.

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