Hemet volunteer group tackles homelessness

Photo courtesy of Cindy Boeing
Pictured is the East Side Team of the “Know Where It Goes” homeless outreach campaign.

■ By Karlee Meyer / Contributed

The Homeless Outreach Teams’ Five Year Action Plan was endorsed by the city in efforts to solve the homeless situation in Hemet. The HOT group has been working hard for over a year collaborating with local agencies, citizens, and local government to find solutions for this complex issue. Teams are organized across Hemet to engage with the entire city.
The Homeless Outreach Team’s priorities are maximizing the impact of service organizations and providing local businesses with solutions for panhandling. The HOT team gives referrals to agencies providing long term solutions, including meals, shelter, medical services and jobs.
The generosity that flows from the Hemet community to those in need can be overwhelming. The best way to give is through organizations providing safe shelter, services to address their individual dilemmas, sanitary dining facilities, job training, and moral support. With these kinds of actions, the homeless may become permanent and productive members of our community.
This homeless outreach consists of volunteers and service organizations working together to ensure Hemet is the best place to live. HOT is committed to providing leadership and training, utilizing our valley’s resources for the homeless, and providing much needed accountability and encouragement to those living on our streets so they have the opportunity to be prosperous and sustainable in the future.
If anyone is interested in helping or learning more please contact Mayor Pro Tem Karlee Meyer at kmeyer@cityofhemet.org or Stacie Olson at thehopeproject2013@gmail.com. Friend the group on Facebook and ask to be added to the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT). For more information visit: www.KnowWhereItGoes.com.

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