Not all cars are a one-size fits all

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Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy!

Last week we met some new friends that came by the showroom to have their picture taken in front of our 1926 Oldsmobile (by the way everyone is invited to have their picture taken in the old car – we even have 1920’s hats).
We all know that not all cars are a one-size fits all; people have lifestyle changes that require a change in their vehicles. For example, recently a single mom came to us and drove in with her clean 100,000-mile Toyota Corolla. She was looking for a similar vehicle for her daughter who liked the Corolla that she learned to drive on, and was attending her first year of college and working at a part-time job.
Mom explained that she “wished that she was the one getting the new car, instead of the daughter who needed a car now, but felt that wasn’t possible since she had 6 months of payments on her Corolla.”
Good News! We figured out a way to make everyone happy. After a few more questions, we got the mom a small SUV that she always wanted with minimal down and paid off the Corolla. Mom was now able to give the Corolla to the daughter paid off, and mom got her perfect car very close to the payment that she already had.
VIP Autos not only sells used cars, but we are also a new car auto broker. We know many shoppers are looking for help when picking their next car: Should it be a SUV, a sedan, a minivan or a pickup truck? Or should it be something else entirely? We targeted some common lifestyles, and asked for customer recommendations in the upcoming weeks to help you find the car that best fits your needs. You may be surprised by some of the results.
New Family Car? You’ve got to get your kids around town, or maybe you need to find a car for your teenager.
New car for recreation – want to take in the sun, the snow, the lake? A good dealer will be able to find you the right “play car” for any type of playful driver.
New cars, SUVs, and trucks for work and commuting – from commuters to farmhands to bosses, select the car that matches your work requirements.
Most environmentally-friendly new car – maybe you’re looking to save gas, maybe you’re looking to save the environment. Either way, your dealer should have choices to find your eco-friendly car.
Look for more suggestions in an upcoming column.

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Richard Perry is The Hemet Car Guy and also owner of VIP Autos in Hemet. He can be reached at

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