Scaly stowaway is welcomed home

Couple who originally found bearded dragon decides to adopt it as a pet

Photo courtesy of Riverside County Animal Services
Falkor gets a treat in his cozy sanctuary.

■ By Taj Shorter / Reporter

A Hemet couple who discovered a bearded dragon in their online order package have decided to adopt the scaly creature as their own pet.

Photo courtesy of Riverside County Animal Services
The Brummetts pose with their new pet.

Al and Chris Brummett had ordered a bicycle from for one of their grandchildren. When the couple received the package at their home in Eastern Hemet, Mr. Brummett discovered a large lizard stowed away in the box the bike was packaged in. The couple was initially stunned and they were unsure where the creature came from, let alone what to make of it.
After contacting Riverside County Animal Services for assistance, Officer Harvey Beck was able to determine that the “lizard” was actually a bearded dragon – a reptile typically found in Australia. Mr. Brummett originally stated that his wife would have “screamed crazily” if she were the one to first discover the dragon. Riverside County Animal Services had taken the creature into custody to be treated.
The Brummetts were then asked if they wanted to adopt the lizard. Despite the startling discovery, the Brummetts had a change of heart. They happily accepted the lizard as their new pet and even named him Falkor, after the dragon character in the movie The Neverending Story.
“We got the digital thermometer and the humidity levels and he’s got a hammock and a heat rock…” says Mrs. Brummett, “…he’s going to be treated like a king.”
Riverside County Animal Services normally sends exotic animals to their rescue affiliates. But since the Brummetts had previous experience handling lizards, Falkor found a new home instead.

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