Four-year college degree program offered in Hemet

The primary goal of the program is to allow each student to graduate debt free with a bachelor of science or arts degree

Photo by Kathy McNeeley
Attendees at the open house in Hemet are, from left to right, Elizabeth McCray, Tom Phillips, Trent Thompson, Emily McCray, and Andrew Schrader.

■ By Kathy McNeeley / Contributed

The College For All Hemet program held an open house on June 25 at its new location above the Harvard Street Music Exchange, 136 S. Harvard Street in Hemet.
The CFA curriculum is a fully accredited four-year degree program offered by the highly acclaimed Thomas Edison University in Trenton, New Jersey. Thousands of students have graduated from this program since its inception in 1972. Representative from Thomas Edison University, Tom Phillips, explained the collaboration between the university and College For All to the attendees at the open house on Monday.
According to Phillips, CFA has both in-class and online components built into the program. The versatile approach provides connectivity and helpful support to the students. The flexible scheduling allows students to begin on the first of any given month and proceed through a 12 week course. Logistics behind the completion of the four-year program are built into the scheduling. This method is both efficient and cost effective and has a definitive pathway towards completion.
The primary goal of the program is to allow each student to graduate with a bachelors of science or arts degree – debt free. Students are charged a monthly fee which includes tuition and all study materials. The students can plan their school year around their personal schedules. Each year’s annual fee of nearly $6,000 can be pre-paid with a 10 percent discount applied. The degrees offered are in: Business Administration, Communications, Liberal Arts, History, or English.
College For All will transfer most credits from community colleges and institutions to complete the degree. CFA also offers CLEP and DSST testing and is ideal for continuing and returning students. Individuals who want to finish or earn their degrees will now have the opportunity to do so right here in Hemet.
For more information on College For All, call 951-305-6096.

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