Know your elected representatives: July 4 makes us aware of our citizen responsibilities

■ By Taj Shorter / Reporter

After enjoying fireworks and barbeque cookouts over the holiday, citizens everywhere should be reminded to take advantage of the independence we are celebrating. We the people have the advantage of electing representatives to create and implement policies for a better way of life. Elected officials work for the people and it’s an American responsibility to be knowledgeable about the work they’re doing. Having information about local, state and national officials gives citizens the power to help regulate our government.
From the City of Hemet and San Jacinto councils to U.S. Congress, below is information for most offices and tips on how to contact each of them. Utilizing this table will give our readers the opportunity to find out who is working on behalf of their areas. Contacting local officials, meeting with them or their representatives, and raising concerns through the responsible offices promotes a strong democracy. Below are listed 62 offices and the individuals who hold them, those responsible for handling city, statewide, and national affairs. Each official is followed by his or her contact information, geography, and elected position.
Citizens can make use of the following table as a reference tool for becoming more knowledgeable about local government. With upcoming elections in November, it is important to be aware of who our current incumbents are.
Part of being an American means local citizens can demand transparency in policy making, gain background knowledge of those in office, and affirm what those officials can do to improve the livelihood of local residents. The data in this table will be updated regularly with more information about each office as we head toward the November elections.

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