Parole and Probation Compliance Operation

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, the San Jacinto Police Department, in conjunction with allied law enforcement resources from the Post Release Accountability and Compliance Team (PACT), Riverside County Regional Gang Task Force, Hemet Police Department, and Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS), conducted a parole and probation compliance operation at a large apartment complex located in the 800 Block, E. Main Street, San Jacinto.
The operation was organized in response to rising levels of criminal activity related directly to the location. Ten compliance checks were completed resulting in the arrest of six adults and one juvenile offender for various felony and misdemeanor violations. All parties were later booked into jail. Two new cases for welfare fraud will be investigated by officers from DPSS.
Code Enforcement Officers from San Jacinto contributed to the activity and located several building maintenance issues in need of correction. Code Enforcement officers will follow up with the property owner to seek compliance.
The San Jacinto Police Department is committed to the safety of our citizens. Further questions may be directed to Lieutenant John Salisbury of the San Jacinto Police Department at (951) 654-2702

City closes Simpson Park – Hazardous Fire Conditions

Hemet Fire Department has closed Simpson Park effective June 20. The extreme heat coupled with low humidity increases the threat of wildfire. Simpson Park has been identified as a high fire risk area and will be closed to public access. The public is encouraged to stay out of these areas.
The HFD takes these actions in concert with Riverside County (Cal Fire) which has initiated similar actions at seven hazardous fire areas:
• Avery Canyon (Gibbel Road east of State Street in Hemet)
• North Mountain and Indian Canyon (San Jacinto area)
• Whitewater Canyon (Cabazon, north of Palm Springs)
• Nuevo/Lakeview (east of Menifee Road and San Jacinto Avenue)
• Minto (Sage)
• Reinhardt Canyon (north of Highway 74 and California Avenue in Hemet)
• Ramona Bowl and Bautista Canyon (southeast Hemet)

The closure will remain in effect until further notice.

Hemet Police Department Traffic Bureau Update

The Hemet Police Department Traffic Bureau conducted a traffic safety operation focused on stop sign violations. Additional signage was placed at three intersections where stop sign violations and traffic collisions have occurred. The signage included an orange “Be prepared to stop” sign placed mid-block, and a second stop sign placed directly below the existing stop sign accompanied by two traffic cones topped with two bright orange caution flags. The idea was to warn drivers they were approaching a stop sign, and make it very clear they are required to stop. The intersections we selected were:

1. Palm Avenue and San Marcos Drive
2. Acacia Avenue and Santa Fe Street
3. Latham Avenue and Juanita Street, right in front of the police station
The motor officers issued a total of 15 citations at these three intersections in a little over two hours. The majority of the citations were issued at Latham Avenue and Juanita Street in front of the Police Department. The operation was successful in reminding drivers to come to a complete stop at stop signs, and a great deterrent to traffic collisions caused by stop sign violations.

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