New owners of Yorkshire Village host grand re-opening

Joel Halpern and Avi Hegman step in the shoes of previous owners and founders, Kathleen and Colin Taylor

Photo by Robin Underwood
The Yorkshire Village reopens with new owners carrying on its legacy of quality assisted living care.

■ By Robin Underwood / Reporter

Joel Halpern and Avi Hegman, the newfound owners of Yorkshire Village, took on the vision of founders and long-time Hemet residents, Kathleen and Colin Taylor with a grand re-opening on June 25. Both new owners continue to build a place of dignity, care, and happiness for all residents.
Previous owner Kathleen Taylor, a nurse originally from England, had become so increasingly frustrated with the current memory care and treatment for the elderly that she demanded her husband build a facility allowing her to provide top notch level of care for those afflicted.
This eventually led to the establishment of a 100 bed facility divided into four main buildings, each dedicated to various levels of memory loss. There are 88 residents in total.

Photos by Robin Underwood
A resident of Yorkshire Village enjoys her beverage while admiring the beautiful community surrounding her.

The six acre campus offers activities and environments that engage the minds and attitudes of all. From the food in the pantry and the plates the residents eat off of, to the artwork on the walls there is colorful memory care almost everywhere around the community.
The facility gears activities specific to each individual’s cognitivity and independence, such as potting plants, cooking, painting, and other desired activities at will.
An ice cream parlor, a general store, nature walk, and a future petting zoo and chapel are spread throughout. “I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. For what money could get you into, I would still choose here,” according to resident Deborah Marshall.
Each staff member is trained for memory care. They are also expected to participate in caring for sundowning, a symptom some residents experience causing them to feel confused and anxious at a certain time of the day – often when the sun goes down. Staff members will even go along with a calming scenario the resident creates, such as walking around to help them find their car to go home, before guiding them to their bed once they’ve calmed down.
The Yorkshire Village welcomes participation from the community when it comes to providing care for their residents. Inquiries can be made at

The facility is taken care of and groomed by dedicated staff members.

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