4 ways to eat affordably this Summer

Family dinners can give you quality time together and help save on spending money on eating out.

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Summers tend to be jam packed with activity – from baseball games to trips to the pool to evening strolls through the neighborhood.
Fuel your family affordably through it all with these tips from the discount experts at Dollar General.

Start your day right: Whether it’s a granola bar, a fresh muffin or an elaborate meal of eggs, bacon and pancakes, it’s important to start every day with breakfast. Rather than stopping off each morning at a coffee shop or diner, you can make breakfast at home for far less. Stock up on breakfast ingredients at a discount retailer and don’t forget to buy ground coffee or energy drinks to give yourself a jumpstart to the day.

Power through with a power lunch: Keep lunch affordable by stocking up on sandwich materials for the entire week, including fresh bread and a variety of condiments, sandwich meat and cheese. If you or your family members get bored easily, mix and match these elements to keep things interesting each day. Then, add some almonds, chips or fruit snacks for a complete meal. For outdoor summer lunches, consider items that can be easily grilled.

Make dinner time family time: Get the most out of summer nights by making dinner easy and convenient. Check out www.dollargeneral.com/easymeals for tasty dinner ideas that include pizza, homemade macaroni and cheese, and more. All can be created with one-stop shopping at Dollar General. Consider carving out a bit more time in your evening with paper products and plastic utensils that will make dinner clean-up a breeze.

Stay full with snack time: Keep kids energized between meals with snacks like cereal bars, chips, nuts and popsicles. Does your child play little league or another sport? You can ensure the entire team stays well-hydrated with sports drinks and water. Discount retailers offer these items in bulk at very affordable prices.
When it comes to affordable cooking, don’t fret. Make plans to fuel your family’s activities all summer long with smart and savvy shopping.

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