Comedic triplets bring lively performance to the Valley
The three brothers use their identical looks and sense of humor to bring lots of laughs and entertainment to any audience.

■ Chronicle News Service

On July 20, Derby’s Bar & Grill in Hemet will be showcasing The Virzi Triplets – a trio stand-up comedy group.
Simi Valley natives Alex, Sean, and Mitchell are known as The Virzi Triplets. The group is made up of identical triplets who are stand-up comedians. In most of their acts, they talk about growing up together with their crazy family and how being triplet brothers affects their everyday lives. In their usual performances, the brothers use a lot of physical act-outs on stage.
According to their website biography, “We have no plans of growing up anytime soon. Some have said we are man-children, our mom says we are immature.”
The triplets started acting as children, appearing in ten national commercials and guest starring on the NBC show “ER.” They then started performing stand-up and improv in college and progressed from there.
Their comedy has been showcased on ABC (The Gong Show) and BuzzFeed, an online entertainment source. The Virzi Triplets have been featured on multiple popular podcasts.
They’ve been nominated for three awards including ‘Joke of the Year’ for the Roast Battle at The World Famous Comedy Store.
The dynamic trio’s lively entertainment will be coming to Hemet at Derby’s Bar & Grill located at 2860 W. Florida Ave. this Friday. Tickets are starting at $10 and the group is set to perform at 8 p.m. For more information call 951 – 652-2440.

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