Easy-Ad and The Valley Chronicle announce merger

Combined publications expected to benefit both readers and advertisers

Photo by The Valley Chronicle
Easy-Ad will now be delivered as an insert in The Valley Chronicle.

■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor

Readers of Easy-Ad will now find the publication conveniently inserted into The Valley Chronicle newspaper and delivered weekly directly to their home mailboxes.
Easy-Ad, a publication familiar to valley residents for the past 43 years, has merged with The Valley Chronicle, and will now be included in the regular newspaper as an insert, publishers for the two periodicals announced this week.
“We are delighted to announce the merger of Easy-Ad and The Valley Chronicle into a single deliverable that should be more convenient for readers and a highly effective medium for advertisers,” said Eric Buskirk, publisher of The Valley Chronicle.
Winston Greene, owner of Easy-Ad, and a longtime valley resident who, with his father, started the publication as a competitor to the Dollar Saver back in 1974, said,”We couldn’t be more pleased than to be a part of The Valley Chronicle with its engaging content and extensive coverage of the Hemet San Jacinto area. We know that having Easy-Ad delivered through the mail with our local newspaper will please readers immensely.”
Buskirk said the merger will result in a significant bump in readership for both publications given the broader exposure that the combined publications will have.
“The Valley Chronicle has doubled its readership since 2017, making us one of California’s fastest growing newspapers. With the boost from Easy-Ad we will increase weekly readership another third to approximately 43,000. Page count will soon double and we’re targeting another 25 percent increase later this year. We plan to continue increasing our value to the community,” he said.
Both owners said that all members of the staffs from each will work together on circulation, advertising, and production to produce the same high-quality product readers and advertisers have come to expect, and do so in a seamless, integrated format. Winston Greene will continue to work with the combined publications for the foreseeable future to help with the integration. Michael Ham, Winston’s step-brother who has been with Easy-Ad for more than 10 years, will assume the role of sales manager for The Valley Chronicle and Easy-Ad combined publication. Bonita Cummins will expand her responsibilities to include advertising sales for both Easy-Ad and The Valley Chronicle.
“The efficiencies in production and distribution made a merger an attractive option that we have been discussing for some time and finally decided to take advantage of,” Buskirk said.
He said advertisers who appear in both publications will be contacted by a sales representative with options appropriate to their marketing needs. The combined services should be of particular interest to local businesses since The Valley Chronicle is in the process of merging with PIP Printing, so the combined companies, operating under a single umbrella, can better meet all their marketing needs from a single source.
Readers will continue to be able to subscribe to the combined publication at the regular newspaper subscription price of $34.95 per year through 2018, though an increase is anticipated the first of next year for readers who may not have locked in their rate with a multi-year subscription. Those who would like to subscribe, or extend their subscriptions, may do so by visiting the website, www.thevalleychronicle.com, or by calling 951-652-6529.
Don’t miss the interview with Easy-Ad founder Winston Greene on page (A2)!

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