LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – July 19th, 2018

Broken Dream

Once upon a time
We had a system most sublime.
Where has all the caring gone?
Being politically correct is the new song.

At one time, this was the land of dreams;
It is now a nightmare—nothing sacred, or so it seems.
We still have hope that all will Wake up!
And put a stop to all that’s made up.

Once-held beliefs ignored, trashed.
Systems dismantled—brought down with a crash.
Bipartisan infighting, name calling –
Atmosphere of tension, emotions roiling.
Please, please resolve these issues in timely way;
Listen to the people, we have a lot to say.
Our voices are loud, so
Hear what is being said in the crowd!

MJ Bradley

Response to the ‘Question of the week’

Dear Editor,

In response to the “Question of the week” asking, “Do you think city funds should be used to support putting on community events such as a Hemet Fourth of July Parade?”

Everybody loves a parade!

However, we constantly hear how the City of Hemet is short on funds.

If they have extra money to use for parades and community events, we would prefer those monies to instead be used for:

1. Cleaning up the trash off our city streets.

2. Re-paving our streets. Not just a half-ass job filling cracks and potholes (heaven knows there are many), but for once, doing a first class job of giving us some nice streets to drive on.

We would like to say thank you to Karlee Meyer for taking on the responsibility of the homeless situation in our city. If this had been addressed by the City Council ten years ago, we would not have the problem to deal with it today. We have seen a big improvement so far. Hopefully, City Council will get on board and give us back our parks along with safe streets and sidewalks.

Helping those that are in need of a “helping hand” to get back on their feet is important. The services provided by different organizations in our valley should be supported.

To the Chronicle – we say thank you for giving us a newspaper with so much coverage of what’s going on in our valley.

Don & Doris Silva
Hemet, CA

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