LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – July 26th, 2018

Dear Editor,

I read the article in the Valley Chronicle reporting the response from Hemet PD regarding the fireworks.
I wrote the original letter to the editor that highlighted this issue.
Regarding calling 911 from a cell phone – I did not call 911. I dialed the non-emergency police phone number 765-2400. The call was answered quickly, then the person on the line put me on hold. I was on hold for OVER 10 minutes before I hung up. There was this hold beeping sound periodically throughout the entire time I was on hold. I must have called around 10 p.m.
The sentence: “One of the other concerns raised from the author of our letter was that the resident lived only three blocks away from the police station, but was reportedly put on hold for 10 minutes,” doesn’t make sense. I did not suggest that since I live only three blocks from the police station I was put on hold for over 10 minutes.
The point I made in the letter was that fireworks were occurring within three blocks of the police department for hours, so there is no way they didn’t notice them. If the police can only arrest people who they witness shooting off fireworks, they had hours to catch the culprits right in front of them.
If they can’t control something this obvious going on right under their noses, then they just didn’t want to respond. There is no way they could have missed them being so close to the source.

Mark Dunn
Hemet, CA

Dear Editor,

Property taxes should not be increased for Hemet Schools. What happened to the California Lottery money that was supposed to support schools?
How many people actually see their property tax and know what goes into it? It’s a good way to hide an extra cost and avoid the outrage behind a monthly bill. My 2017-2018 tax bill shows $218.17 went towards the Hemet Unified School District. There’s no indication if that is a flat rate, a percentage, or anything else. All I know is that 9.7 percent of my tax bill goes to HUSD. I have no choice about paying it.
What percentage of homeowners in Hemet are over 65 and are well past the age of having to pay for their own, their kids, or even their grandkids education? Seems like everyone wants someone else to pay for their services. Since I have never had any children, how would the school district react if I told them how I think my money should be spent? I think it should be on science education, by the way.

Diane Schilling

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