5 Ways to Blow Your Next Job Interview

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When searching for a new job with today’s advanced technology, it’s becoming more likely that your first encounter with an employer will be a video interview.

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The unemployment rate in the U.S. is at an all-time low, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and many employers are struggling to find skilled workers. To overcome the challenge, companies are connecting with job candidates using emerging technologies, like video interviewing.
Video interviewing can be daunting, and it’s easy to make crucial mistakes that will ensure you don’t get that next job – but it doesn’t have to be!
To prepare, keep in mind these five “don’ts,” from the experts at Randstad US, one of the largest HR services and staffing companies in the country.

1. Don’t forget to wear a shirt. Rather than sitting across from the person conducting your interview, you can sit in whatever quiet place you choose. However, it’s still important to dress the part. Your appearance should be similar to how you would look for an in-person interview.
“Under no circumstances should you complete a video interview in a t-shirt — or worse, without a shirt at all. Yes, we have actually seen this,” says Greg Dyer, president of Randstad Commercial Staffing.

2. Don’t choose the wrong location. Coffee shops can be a great place to catch up on work, but they’re not so great for video interviews due to background noise and other distractions. Choose a quieter location, like your own home. If you live somewhere close to construction or noisy sirens, look into reserving a room at your local library. And, if all else fails, consider investing in a noise-cancelling headset. Don’t let a jackhammer upstage you!

3. Don’t forget to tidy up. Before you settle into your interview, take stock of what’s going on behind you. It may be time to take down that psychedelic band poster or toss those empty soda cans sitting around. You should be the star of your interview – not your clutter.

4. Don’t pick your nose. Don’t do anything during your video interview that you wouldn’t do during an in-person interview. This means picking your nose, responding to text messages, and yes, going to the restroom. Approach your video interview with the same level of professionalism that you’d approach an in-person interview. And if you live in a busy household, don’t forget to lock the door. You don’t want your family members barging in mid-interview.

5. Don’t let your battery die. You really only need two things to successfully complete a video interview: a phone or computer with a camera and a reliable internet connection. Avoid sabotaging yourself, and make sure your device is fully charged and your internet is running without disruption prior to the start of your interview.

“The growing use of video interviews is a no-brainer in today’s always-connected world,” says Dyer. “Once you get past the learning curve, it’s a win-win for both job seekers and employers. Video interviewing is convenient and, best of all, fast. Most video interviewing technologies work on smartphones, which makes an interview on your 30-minute break much more feasible.”

For more tips and tricks to help you land your dream job, visit randstadusa.com.

If you are job searching, be prepared for the possibility of a video interview and get a leg up by learning to avoid the most common mistakes.

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