LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – August 9th, 2018

Dear Editor,

I have a concern for all the scooters and motorized chairs that are seen around town here in Hemet. Most of these are not street legal.
To be street legal — meaning legal to drive/ride them on a street — and to the best of my knowledge, they should be capable of doing 35 miles per hour and registered with DMV with license plates.
But my BIGGEST concern is this: wouldn’t it be wise that the users wear a helmet? Think about it. Most bicyclists and motorcycle riders (required by law) wear helmets.
Check with your local police department or the California Highway Patrol for the legality of use on streets.

Nancy Eller, Hemet

Dear Editor,

I am not writing this to get published. I do not want my name used. I am just making you aware of the issue with Southern California Edison. I am not an employee of SCE nor have I ever been.
This is in regards to the person who wrote asking if they could sue Edison for causing the death of a family member.
You have to realize that SCE has a program that will shut your air conditioner off during peak times if you sign up for that program. This may save you up to $200 per year; I’m not sure on the exact amount.
I live in a 55 plus community in Hemet. I am in my 60’s. The older people that I talk to think it’s great to sign up for this program, not realizing that their air could possibly be shut off. All they think about is the dollar value. Some of these people are financially well off and are more than able to pay their electric bills.
These are people that go to casinos and gamble hundreds of dollars away. They should not fret about $200 and should concentrate more on keeping cool and safe.
If SCE were smart they would limit the program age to 70. No one over 70 would be able to sign up. Also, SCE does have programs for low income residents.
I hope this shed some light on the subject.

Name withheld by request

Dear Editor,

In regards to the article titled “Most people believe the rich pay too little taxes” it is evident how uninformed people are about economic issues.
I wish you would include articles providing opposing viewpoints instead of only the liberal one. The public needs to be educated. The liberal socialism policies only work until you run out of money from the productive people.
If you read the information at the link below, you will see that the rich already pay the majority of income taxes. When people with resources are over-taxed, they are not able to invest and create new jobs.
There is a high percentage who pay zero taxes. This fact makes it difficult for conservatives. Too many people like free stuff. They don’t pay taxes, so they don’t care who pays for it. Venezuela is a current example of what happens when liberal policies go to extremes.
You have an existing example in the U.S. of what happens when taxes are reduced. Trump’s economy is setting records after his reductions in taxes and regulations. All segments of the population are enjoying record levels of unemployment. It boggles my mind that with this evidence that there are still a lot of liberals who want to take back the tax reduction, and give it to the government to spend and waste.
The arguments that the author makes are almost totally wrong.
See the following link:

Ken Wolfe, Hemet

Editor’s Note: We agree with you that over-taxation can suppress the economy, but you fail to mention the problem of too much debt, which often results from cutting taxes. While supply-side economics suggests that the resultant boost to the economy will make up for the reduction in revenue, it seems that as a practical matter, that rarely happens outside the classroom. The jury is still out on Trump’s tax cut; some fear the increased deficits it will cause may be the hangover after the party. Nevertheless, overall we agree: too few producers, and too many people on the dole.

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