Ripped from their mother’s loving arms
Thrown into cages with mesh bars
Alone and frightened in a strange land
Little children are victims of a madman

History repeats itself over again and again
Perhaps we need to revisit it to mend
This horrific chapter of abuse
Seek to rectify and reduce

The pain and suffering caused by these actions
Awakened the sleeping dragon of various factions
Civil disobedience again swept under the rug
Has emerged responding to the heart tug

Love knows no color or race
Let us treat all, especially children with grace
Reunite the families quickly
Create a policy not so tricky

“Suffer the children unto me”
Is the hope of all those who flee
To be met with suspicion and repression
Not the idea of tolerance and compassion
The Statue says “Bring me your poor”
Some peoples cruel lips yell NO, NO More
How easily we treat “the others” with disdain
How quickly we’ve forgotten from whence we came
M.J. Bradley

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