LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – August 16th, 2018

Congressional Gold Medal awarded to William “Bill” Becker

Dear Editor,

Regarding the article on WWII vet Bill Becker, Page 1 of the Aug. 9 issue of The Valley Chronicle, “Hemet resident receives nation’s highest award,” I may not be the first to point out the captions under the photographs state, “U. S. Representative Raul Ruiz presents the Congressional Medal of Honor to William “Bill” Becker…”
Mr. Becker received the Congressional Gold Medal, NOT the Medal of Honor. Further, the Medal of Honor is not referred to as the “Congressional” Medal of Honor, rather simply the “Medal of Honor”. Congress has nothing to do with it except authorizing it when it was established in 1862.

Tom Hunter, Hemet

Editor’s Note: As Tom Hunter correctly points out, the photo captions with last week’s page 1 story titled “Hemet resident receives nation’s highest award” incorrectly identifies the name of the medal that Mr. Becker received. As the article points out, William “Bill” Becker received the highest civilian award any American can receive, which is the Congressional Gold Medal. Our thanks to Tom Hunter for this timely correction.

Dear Editor,

I would like to get the word out to all Hemet and valley residents, especially our senior citizens, about the great game of shuffleboard!
This is an excellent way for those between the ages of 18 and 104+ to be mobile, get exercise, make new friends, improve your physical and mental awareness, and most of all, have fun. More specifically, shuffleboard involves strategy which keeps your brain engaged and constantly learning. It also includes eye-hand coordination and balance – all skills that can be developed, improved or preserved. The social aspect is particularly rewarding. Competing as a team creates a special camaraderie and close friendships inevitably develop.
Hemet is known as “shuffleboard heaven” because we have so many indoor boards – rain or shine – we can play anytime in a safe, controlled environment. If you join one of our local clubs you are eligible to play in District 7, California, U.S.A., and International tournaments. The cost to play shuffleboard is low as dues are just $15 a year.
Our District 7 shuffleboard teams are looking for players with abilities from never having played before to expert players. The clubs in our league are: El Grande Estates, Foothills of Hemet, Golden Village Palm, Hemet Municipal, Hemet West, Heritage Ranch, Mountain Shadows, Seven Hills, Sierra Dawn South, Sierra Dawn Southeast, Sun City, and Villa Del Monte. Some of these clubs are open to residents only, but many are open to anyone who wants to play.
Our league play starts in October and ends in March. Hemet Municipal is the host of the OLDlympics shuffleboard competition this year from Sept. 17 – 20. Visit the District 7 website at www.district-7-shufflers.com for information.
There are several clubs open for practice now as well as team practice starting soon. When you are ready to get out to meet new friends, have fun, and exercise your mind and body contact: Cecil Burt, 951-765-7181 for more information.

Dear Editor,

Thanks for publishing my letter on taxes.
I saw your rebuttal that registers a concern over debt. Most Conservatives share that concern. However, I just saw the numbers that the OMB has projected. Even though the tax reduction will add to the national debt, it is a small percentage of the total. I don’t remember the exact numbers. You can probably find them on the internet. Furthermore, Trump has vowed never to sign another budget like the one that was just approved.
The BIG picture is that the deficit can’t be fixed until politicians are forced to fix entitlements. Social Security and Medicare have to change. Think about it. When SS was created, the average life expectancy was 68. People qualified for SS at 65, so on the average case a person collected SS for 3 years. The age for SS has been increased, slightly. Life expectancy is now 78 to 80 and continues to increase with better healthcare. So now, people are collecting SS for 8 or 10 years on average.
This has to be corrected. I believe the qualification age has to be increased further and gradually. I also believe it has to be collected on all income and not just a low, fixed amount. Or maybe people with incomes in excess of $1 million/year cannot collect SS. I understand that some of these simple changes can restore the viability of the programs. It will even require new normals for working. Companies must permit employees to work longer.
It is going to take politicians that are willing to take the heat and do what is right for the country. Liberals are unwilling, since their philosophy is to follow Venezuela’s lead. In fact, I will admit that we got to this point because both Republicans and Democrats in the past have been too quick to increase the size of government while adding handouts to special groups to maintain power.
The deficit is now declining due to increased revenue from higher employment and economic activity. If you remember, the Reagan tax cuts did miracles to increase revenues, and decrease deficits.

Ken Wolfe, Hemet

Dear Editor,

According to John Cox, a businessman who is running for governor for the state of California, the future of California belongs to the California children. Let them have a California worthy of their dreams (paraphrase). Men, women and children attain financial stability by having jobs. But first, getting an education would help. Cox said “we need to unshackle the productive capacity of California’s vast economic engines.” The economic engine I think of is the investment of California children achieving their worthy dreams. Cox said he would do that. Financial stability starts by creating jobs people can do. This would allow workers to be able to keep their jobs. Doing a good job and keeping jobs ensures bringing a paycheck home. This also allows workers to have money and not have to make choices such as whether to buy food or to buy gas to get to work.
Cox also plans to repeal the $52 billion gas tax increase. The $52 billion gas tax increase repeal would save people on their gas expenses. Is California the only state that is on the brink of financial insolvency? Will California have to file bankruptcy? Let us look at a possible cure. By selling state bonds, California will have the ability to pull itself out from financial insolvency. Question: What would be the first plan of Cox when he wins in the general election Novwmber 2018?

Kathleen Prokop

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