Sheriff seeks public’s help in Hemet case

Man arrested may have been impersonating a police officer

Photo by Riverside Sheriff’s Office
Jeovanny Landeros

■ Riverside Sheriff’s Office / Contributed

Riverside County Sheriff’s investigators are seeking the public’s help in identifying incidents in which a 24-year-old Hemet man may have posed as a police officer as a ruse to commit additional unknown crimes.
Officers are investigating past incidents that may have involved Jeovanny Landeros who was arrested Saturday, Aug. 11, for investigation of possessing an assault rifle, possession of ammunition, and child endangerment.
In the course of investigating these charges, deputies found that Laneros allegedly was in possession of a law enforcement badge and other equipment used by law enforcement. Landeros even had his 2015 white Mercedes-Benz equipped with red and blue flashing LED lights simulating those commonly found on police vehicles. Police believe Landeros may have used this equipment to stop unsuspecting citizens for unknown but nefarious purposes.
“Investigators believe Landeros may have used these items to commit other crimes or contact unsuspecting victims posing as a law enforcement officer,” said sheriff’s deputies in statement, adding that “these crimes may have gone unnoticed by a potential victim.”
The Riverside sheriff is asking for the public’s help in coming forward if anyone believes he or she was contacted by Landeros. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Investigators Alfaro or Martinez at 951-955-1700.

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