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Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy.

A couple weeks ago in our article “It’s just easier to call Dad” I shared how to jump start a car. Then I vowed that I would get all our kids a roadside kit. After that, I received a call at the dealership from a Chronicle reader asking “What would I recommend in a roadside kit?
Well here you go: an emergency kit, at the bare minimum, should contain blankets, canned goods, water, first-aid kit, flashlights, and jumper cables.
Some of our customers of VIP Autos are in the military or have children that serve proudly in our military.
Recently one of our soldiers returned back from deployment only to find his insurance claim on his vehicle was not completed due to an accident before he was deployed. This issue wreaked havoc on his credit. VIP Autos made a few calls and with a lot of cooperation on his part got it resolved.
As for any armed forces member, the transition after deployment is difficult. There are many things to consider, including family issues, finances, housing issues, legal affairs, medical concerns, as well as vehicle matters.
Thanks to we have an automotive checklist for deployed military:
Consider obtaining a power of attorney (POA) document to handle your vehicle’s registration and/or title. You can obtain this document from a local DMV.
In addition, make sure your spouse or proxy has at least one copy of your vehicle’s insurance policy, vehicle lien information, if applicable, inspection/smog information, name and number of your preferred mechanic, auto club memberships, gas type of your vehicle, what grade of oil you use, tire rotation, mileage reading, and a spare set of car keys.
If your spouse will be driving your vehicle, for peace-of-mind purposes consider the roadside kit listed above. Your drivers license renewal can be a pretty easy process as an active member of the US military.
This, at the very least, will give you one less thing to worry about.

Hope this helps,
The Hemet Car Guy

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