LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – August 23rd, 2018

Dear Editor,

The words: dossier, special council, evidence, collusion, etc. Are you tired of these words in the news vocabulary today and everyday?
Is there any happy news out there? In fact, is there any other news but what CNN reports slamming every move and word coming from President Trump. Or from the mouths of Tucker, Hannity, and Ingram (Fox News) with all the evidence that has been found?
If so much evidence for and against various political people has been found, then how about doing something besides talking about it?
As the news reporting is today, think about 2020. If Trump should win again then we have four more years of this nonsense. If another Republican wins, there will no doubt be more whining. And if a Democrat wins, then we will probably be headed for socialism.

Nancy Eller, Hemet

Dear Editor,

I am enclosing some information on marijuana. I live in Hemet, California and have noticed that several sales outlets have been closed down recently. You may wonder why I care. I don’t use it. However, my daughter has suffered for years with chronic migraines and other medical problems. Legal, medically prescribed drugs have caused her to suffer two heart attacks and other liver and stomach problems. On the other hand, marijuana has improved some of her medical problems and alleviated a lot of her migraine issues.
I think the public should be made aware of past research and laws and, if in agreement that marijuana should not be a federal crime, they could write to our Attorney General, Jeff Sessions at 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington D.C. 20530. Perhaps, if he receives an avalanche of mail, he may respond in a rational way and remove marijuana from the list of “dangerous drugs.”
Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

M. Arnao, Hemet

Dear Editor,

When we talk about marijuana, we are talking about money, and the money in California and in all the states that approved the sale of this drug which will be a great social disaster. The cities have done it to raise revenue without seeing the destruction that this means. Drivers driving under the influence of that drug endanger the lives of others. Campaigns began attacking the cigarette smoke that hurt those who smoked or secondhand smoked, today some of us have to smell the smoke of this herb “legally” because politicians in this nation do not care about the emotional state and mental health of our youth and the population in general that consume the drug.
Marijuana can be a great source of money, that these same politicians are using to attack conservatives who never voted. They want to see young people converted into “idiots” from the effect of this drug that we are seeing represented as “healthy” by the liberals, communists, vicious, and corrupt politicians. Everything has been a great hypocrisy – planting or opening the marijuana business inside or outside of any city limits. This drug business is to raise funds and, especially in California, help the illegal immigrants by converting cities into sanctuary cities.
No matter if they plant the marijuana or open stores within the city limits or outside of it, the point is that they want money and not healthy people in Hemet. What does it matter to all those who approved it, if it is sown outside or within the city limits or open the business? What can we do? The crime of drug trafficking was approved by voters and by clever politicians seeking funds through social miseries. Will our voices be heard by the politicians? I don’t think so!


Alila Barreras, Hemet

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