Ramona clears the shelter

The Ramona Humane Society takes part in NBC ‘Clear the Shelters’ national event

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Families check out available pets during last Saturday’s Clear the Shelters event.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

For every cat or dog that finds its way into the hearts of a loving family, there are at least nine more which never do. Even worse, according to dosomething.org, homeless pets outnumber homeless humans by five to one. That’s why NBC and Telemundo owned stations stepped up this weekend to help more pets find forever homes, with their nationwide ‘Clear the Shelters’ event on Saturday, Aug 18.
Ramona Humane Society is one of over 30 shelters across Southern California and over 1,200 nationwide to participate.
The event was coordinated at Ramona by Julio De La Cruz who said, “It’s a big event that helps clear a lot of our kennels and find homeless pets homes. And we are very successful; this is our third one.”
According to De La Cruz, NBC subsidize a portion of the adoption costs to allow shelters to offer reduced adoption fees each year. During this annual event, Ramona was able to introduce over 100 cats and dogs to their new owners for just $20 each.

Photo by Corey Evan
Every adoption helps, as Ramona is subject along with all other animal shelters to pet overcrowding.

Every adoption helps, as Ramona is subject along with all other animal shelters to pet overcrowding: “Especially during the summer, that’s when we get the vast of our population,” said De La Cruz. “So being that we’re able to have this event during the summer, it helps us alleviate that concern of the overpopulation of homeless pets.”
Each adoption helps a family grow closer together: “It’s a big benefit; You see families come in, you see them excited to do the adoption. You see also the animals excited to go home. So that’s the biggest thing, is the end result, which is the amount of animals leaving,” said De La Cruz.
According to the Clear the Shelters website, over 91,000 pets were adopted nationwide through this year’s program. Clear the Shelters has helped over 245,000 pets find their forever homes since 2015.
Even though the event is now over for 2018, Ramona still encourages the public to do their part in finding good homes for our furry friends. Pet adoptions at Ramona start as low as $45, include pre-adoption care and discounts are available to our elders-and-betters. At the very least, donation of supplies can help. Ramona always needs donation of pet supplies, food, blankets, toys and so on. Contact the shelter if you wish to be of assistance, at (951)654-8002 or visit ramonahumanesociety.org or www.dosomething.org/facts/11-facts-about-animal-homelessness for more information.
To learn more about Clear the Shelters, visit www.cleartheshelters.com. And if you don’t live in the San Jacinto Valley, we invite you to seek out your own furry friend at a shelter near you.

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