LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – August 30, 2018

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article regarding the new rules at the San Jacinto Cemetery and the families that are upset. I was born and raised in the valley and have multiple generations buried at the cemetery, including my brother and recently my dad. The cemetery has always had rules and sadly the old “unwritten rules” of common sense and respect have to now be written and enforced.
The cemetery is a quiet place where we can go to mourn our loved ones in our own private way, however we must also remember there are thousands of others buried there and we need to respect them and their families. When I arrive I slowly pull up to the grave area and if someone is nearby, I wait in my car to give them their private time. Something I learned growing up: have respect for others space and time. I then take my time with my loved one; I am very private in how I deal with my grief and love that for the most part I get to grieve in a peaceful, serene location.
I look around at the history surrounding me as well as the beautiful mountains. The small momentos and flowers placed at various graves brings a calming peace to the beauty of our cemetery.
However, there are some that do not follow the rules and have loads of decorations on the graves, which sadly distract from the peace of what a cemetery actually is. I have also encountered groups of people being loud, kids running around and screaming, people with coolers and full feasts. I am all for others mourning their loved ones in their own way, however you must be respectful of others, a cemetery is not your home nor is it a park.
Cemeteries have rules and are the resting place of loved ones, peaceful places for all of us to visit those we have lost and so sadly miss.

Kathryn Romeli, Hemet

Dear Editor,

My husband and I are elderly and had never used marijuana before. My husband has become very ill from cancer. Due to the toll of cancer treatments, my husband has turned to marijuana for relief and to help him sleep at night. All his physicians have approved of its use. It has helped him tremendously and has proved safer to use than pharmaceuticals. We wish that local dispensaries were allowed to operate and not continually be forced to close and open in new locations. Ignorance and prejudice is a terrible thing. Marijuana is no worse and is probably safer than alcohol and cigarettes. It certainly has its benefits for those with medical needs. The people you see at the dispensaries are no different from your friends and acquaintances. You, who have no experience with shopping there, may be surprised and lose your preconceived notions.

Kathy Schmitt, Hemet

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the article about the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery. I was born in the valley 74 years ago, many family and friends are buried at the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery. From childhood on, I have visited many times and was taught to follow the rules and respect all: living and dead. The rules are posted at the entrance and when my husband died recently, I was given the rules when making arrangements with the cemetery staff. Unfortunately with the disregard for the rules and other mourners, new restrictions are required. We all grieve in different ways, which is fine, except when your grief infringes on my time to grieve. Whether it’s your chair sitting on my loved ones plot or your loud conversation interrupting the quiet serenity, please take time to be respectful so that ALL our loved ones can REST in PEACE.

Rebecca Schlosser, Hemet

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