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Gift your student with the best tools for a successful school year.

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Gifting students with tech is a surefire way to help them with their educations. In a 2013 Harris Interactive poll, 86 percent of teachers thought it was important or absolutely essential to use edtech in the classroom. In addition, 96 percent of teachers felt edtech increased student engagement in learning. Today’s students are more tech-savvy than ever before, so hot gadgets figure to be coveted items this holiday season. Here’s what to add to holiday shopping lists.

E-reader: Digital e-readers enable students to carry an entire library of books in one small device. Full backpacks or small dorm rooms bogged down by piles of books are a thing of the past. E-readers have highlighting and note-taking features that can facilitate learning.

Digital assistant: Digital assistants pack a lot of intelligence into their diminutive size. When paired with smart home devices, digital assistants can be used to turn on lights or small appliances, making them an asset in a bedroom or a dorm room.

Smart bulbs or alarm clocks: The importance of lighting on mood and function has been well-documented. Innovative LED bulbs and technology can simulate various times of day and even be used for mood lighting. Instead of waking up to a blaring alarm buzzer, students afraid of sleeping in can set special lighted clocks to gradually brighten, simulating the rising of the sun.

Streaming media players: Devices like Roku, Amazon Fire stick and Apple TV can broaden media horizons. These players are paired with viewing apps (some free; others requiring subscriptions) that can do everything from stream TV, movies and music, and offer connectivity to the internet. They’re a boon when setting up a functional student spot for hanging out.
Earbuds: Students can never have enough quality earbuds for personal use or school study. Whether walking around campus listening to music, using a classroom chromebook or catching up on an audiobook, earbuds are a must-have for modern students.

Digital tracking devices: Students can keep tabs on prized possessions by using Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices, like TrackR. These plastic gadgets can be placed on or in items and paired with Android and iOS apps on smartphones. The user then locates the item through a locate network.

Computer workstation: Even though handheld digital devices are functional and in demand, a student can always use a quality laptop or desktop computer for writing papers or doing research.

Students can benefit from a world of tech this holiday season. It’s time to start shopping to secure the hottest items.

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