Bomb squad responds to suspicious activity at DMV

Will Whelan/Hemet Valley Incidents
A bomb disposal robot was on scene at the DMV ready to do some X-Rays of a potential threat.

■ Chronicle News Staff

Last Saturday, a man suspiciously placed two fire extinguishers inside the Hemet DMV office prompting a bomb squad to respond and evacuate the building.
Hemet Police and Fire Departments were dispatched by a call from the Hemet DMV after a man walked into the office and left behind two fire extinguishers on Sept. 1. It is unknown whether or not the man made any threats or spoke to anyone in particular before he walked away. It is also unclear what was considered suspicious – the fire extinguishers, the man’s behavior or both. Either way, the 911 call that came in around 8 a.m. prompted investigators to take all precautions.
Despite the ambiguity of the situation, authorities took no chances and contacted the Riverside County Sheriff’s Hazardous Device Team. After evacuating the scene, bomb squad members sent in a bomb disposal robot to canvas the inside of the DMV office. The robot then located the two fire extinguishers and x-ray examined them, assumedly to check for explosives or harmful chemicals. Officers were able to give the all clear nearly five hours after the evacuation.
Once the office and surrounding areas were deemed safe, the DMV office reopened around 1 p.m. Investigators say this is an ongoing case and they are looking for the man responsible for the bizarre incident. It is unknown what kind of charges, if any, this man may be facing.

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