Clergy Corner: The Courage to Heal

Bill Heller
Pastor Bill Heller.

■ By Bill Heller / Contributed

If we break down the meaning of The Courage to Heal, we find that courage has its basis in the Latin word cor meaning heart. Today, it means strength. To heal means to make whole or healthy physically, mentally, or spiritually. So, The Courage to Heal means the strength to make whole. Undoubtedly, you have had some involvement in a healing process be it for yourself, your loved ones, your family, or your community whether you are aware or not. As you read this article, may you see how your involvement as a receiver or a giver of healing is a shining light.
During troubled times in your personal life, perhaps you have reached out to those close to you, found groups that focused on the form of healing called for, or had the willingness to pray for healing to find a truth within to bring about your desired healing. The courage to heal may call for a change in our lives or for a change in a relationship with another. Whatever the case, the courage to heal may be recognized as a step that improved your life and one that became a means of personal growth.
The courage to heal speaks also to your ability to provide help to others. Maybe you have provided a timely word for another, a smile, an act of kindness, a loving connection, advice, or given care. You shared your gifts and talents and brought forth greater peace for others as well as yourself. In so doing, you not only contributed to the healing of another but you also experienced a sense of accomplishment. You undoubtedly recognize the feeling you receive when you make such a difference.
The Gospels of the New Testament present many examples of healing brought about through people reaching out to Jesus. One example is where a woman, who had suffered for twelve years, came up behind Jesus and touched the tassels on his cloak. She thought, “to but touch the fringe of his cloak, I will be made whole.” To which Jesus states “Take heart, daughter, your faith has made you well.” (Matthew 9:21-22). Courage was called for on the woman’s part to follow her faith and take the action needed for her healing. That very moment, the woman became well. The acts described in the Gospels are acts of courage, of determination, and of faith. In all instances, the courage or strength, being it inner or outer, to make a change is the first step. The courage to heal is the courage to act on faith that exists within you. It is the strength to make a change in your life, to reach out to the answer waiting to be revealed. It is your step to bring this about, your step to take the action, your step to honor yourself as God’s creation, and to believe in the steps that bring about healing. In our current day, the examples of healing occur every day.
In all instances, all paths, see and know of the working of God within your life that brings about the healing that is called for. Recognize the connection we all share that contributes to the healing, that brings forward the fullness of God within you, within all.
Let your healing shine! And let this be the means to know of, to renew your faith in God, and your faith in yourself as God’s Creation. What could be more natural for us than to remember we have been created in love and have never been left apart from God.
On Sept 13, Unity Valley Church will be celebrating the annual Unity World Day of Prayer 2018. Our theme this year is The Courage to Heal. Our goal is to afford you the opportunity to see the courage in yourself to heal or be healed. We will hold two events on that Thursday: A prayer vigil from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. where you can drop in anytime, and a World Day of Prayer Service from 6 – 7 p.m. The Prayer Service will feature spiritual leaders from twelve communities in the Hemet-San Jacinto area, each offering their thoughts and prayers. We welcome you to join us at 140 N. Buena Vista St. in Hemet.

Rev. William Heller, Master of Divinity, is senior minister at Unity Chapel in Hemet. Rev. Bill was ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries in 2009. He’s returned to California after seven years of service on the East Coast. Rev. Bill has co-authored his first book, published in 2016. Unity Chapel is at 140 N. Buena Vista Street.

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