Is the United States mostly populated by racists?

■ Chronicle News Staff

Of course, the answer to the question is no. Quite the opposite. Most Americans are peace loving, law abiding, God fearing people who live their lives by the Golden Rule: do unto others as you want done unto you. There’s no doubt that tolerance is practiced by most Americans as it relates to diverse people and customs that constitute the fabric of our country, educating their children to be respectful, polite and considerate to all. This behavior should not be confused with condescension but rather as a sincere desire to learn and understand these differences and perhaps even become a part of a very important segment of our complex society.
Recently Mollie Tibbets, a young student on vacation, while jogging was kidnapped and stabbed to death by an undocumented Hispanic farm worker, presently in jail on five million dollar bail that can only be deposited in cash. Hours after the arrest of the suspect, the President, Iowa governor and senators and countless citizens said that the death of the young woman demonstrated the need for a change in the laws of immigration. Rob Tibbetts, Mollie’s father, on the other hand stated that “members of the Hispanic community are Iowans with the same values as the people of Iowa”. In his words, Mr. Tibbets asked that his daughter be remembered by how she lived rather than how she died. Evidently Mr. Tibbets is the type of person described in the first paragraph of this article reminding us that somewhere we are all descendants of immigrants.
Unfortunately, many of these good citizens are mostly silent about their values as relate to people of color, and non-Christians, allowing a free hand to a very noisy and destructive group of individuals that have no qualms about shouting and acting out their hatred towards everyone that is “different” and would have them immediately sent back “to where they can from”.
As always, the bullies and bigots intimidate the meek, not realizing that by not standing up to the haters, the consequences of their poison will spread and infect us all. Every one of these haters will go about their lives un-phased by the chaos they provoke in every corner of the country as they bring it crashing down around us and those who don’t stand up for what is right will unfairly have to pay the price.
It’s every person’s responsibility to do or say something whenever and wherever racism rears its ugly head – be it in the workplace, in school, in a shopping center or playground and yes even in church to stop or at the minimum hold back the escalation of this shameful practice that will one day destroy the nation.
They say that good will eventually triumph over evil. That is probably true but in the meantime hateful and malevolent behavior manifested against certain peoples that are just different portends times of greater unrest and insecurity.

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