Mustangs suffer Bear attack

West Valley Football loses to Temecula Valley last Friday

Photos by Corey Evan
Action shot taken during Friday’s West Valley game against ‘Da Bears.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Wild animals can throw very wild parties. The wild factor increases when the two haven’t come together in recent memory. And when West Valley High School invited the Temecula Valley Golden Bears for a game of football, it proved to be very wild, indeed.
Temecula Valley received the kickoff from West Valley. From there, the first seven minutes of the game went by rather uneventfully, until the 4:59 mark when Abe Flores brought in touchdown number one for the Bears. With the extra point kicked in, Temecula had thrown down the gauntlet. Owen Korinek would follow that up with a second at 1:47, and Connor Anderson would kick the Bears’ score up another point. With 33 seconds left in quarter one, Josh Hilton’s TD put the bears up to 20.
But not content with being attacked by Bears, the Mustangs fought back and at 7:54 in the second quarter finally made it to the big board on a recovered fumble. It was later confirmed that Paul Glasser was the Mustang who scored that TD. Still the Bears proved to be tough competition, as Cade Churchward brought in the fourth TD at 3:15 for Temecula, and the extra point was good for them too.
The “Pride of West Valley” band performed a selection of songs from their 2018 season performance of “Phoenix Rising” for fans on both sides of the field. This was followed up by performances by the Mustang cheerleaders, and a “maniac” performance by the Mustang dance team. In case you missed this game, you can see the band at every home game. Their next home game is Sept 14.

The two teams, West Valley vs Temecula, discuss strategy during a timeout Friday.

But that wasn’t all: The dance team also helped one lucky guy ask his date out for homecoming!
As football action resumed, West Valley received the kickoff and struggled to make anything of it. The Bears took over control of the ball and Brody Hughes was able to score Temecula’s fifth TD of the night, followed by Anderson with the extra point. With 4:45 left on the clock, the big board experienced technical difficulties. But they recovered in the booth, and gameplay resumed. In fourth quarter, the Bears kicked in a field goal as a means of keeping the Mustangs down. Temecula would take home the win 37-7.
Having seen plenty of losses in his time at West Valley, Coach Matt Willard has learned to look on the bright side: “Hats off to Temecula Valley; They’ve got a good squad. Every week we get better fundamentally, we’re using our resources well and we just came up short tonight. Our kids are jumping in and they’re persevering!”
Still worth noting is that while the ‘Stangs lost today, Mustang pride was very much alive. Cheerleaders and band members got the crowd up and dancing to tunes from across the genres, from pop to mariachi to country. They don’t call it Mustang Country for nothing! “That’s a testament to the school and the kids, for sure!” says Willard. “Everyone’s proud to do what they do and at the end of the day we can really control who we are and go about our business.”
This loss puts West Valley at 1-2 for the season, but the Mustangs did beat Desert Mirage last week and the season is still young.
Tomorrow night, West Valley gallops to Vista Del Lago. Based on Hemet and Tahquitz defeating them earlier this season, the ‘Stangs have a shot!

Elsewhere in football:
• Tahquitz hosted and bested Lakeside’s Lancers 28-16, putting them up 3-0 for 2018 so far.
• San Jacinto tamed Rialto’s Carter Lions at Tiger Stadium, winning 47-16 to maintain their as-of-yet undefeated 3-nil record.
• Hemet’s dogs left the otherwise very green Banning Broncos seeing red on their home turf, as the Bulldogs took home the win 28-12 to improve their record to 2-1.

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