LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – September 13th, 2018

Is Krupa above the law?

Dear Editor,

Hemet City Council-member Linda Krupa was elected to the Hemet City Council in 2010 and again in 2014.
The people of the city of Hemet, by the authority of the California State Constitution, passed a term limits ordinance on Nov. 6, 1990 for Hemet city council-members allowing them two terms on Hemet City Council.
Linda Krupa took the sworn oath of office as a city council-member twice to support and defend the constitution.
However, we now have Council-member Linda Krupa violating the will of the people of the City of Hemet, California State Constitution Section 1, Article 4, and her sworn oath of office to support and defend the constitution by trying to be a candidate for a third term on Hemet City Council.

Art Scribner, Hemet

In the eye of the ‘Stormy’

Dear Editor,

What kind of woman would serially seduce a man and years later breach their confidence for a few seconds of fame and/or a few dollars? As they say, let she who has not sinned cast the first stone.

Eugene Stock, Hemet

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