LETTER TO THE EDITOR – September 20, 2018

Why a third term for Krupa?

Dear Editor,

Hemet City Council-member Linda Krupa is a candidate for a third term on the Hemet City Council. After serving eight years on the council, is she qualified?
It’s reported that Hemet is the only city in the state under state audit. Should that be a concern to taxpayers? Taxpayers’ interest has not seemed to be of much interest to some council members for a few years now.
I also recall when she was mayor, the city seemed always to have constant problems.
She is also well aware that the people of the city of Hemet passed term limits for Hemet City Council members by 71.06 percent on Nov. 6, 1990 allowing council members to serve only two terms.
So why is she a candidate for a third term?

Art Scribner, Hemet

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