Colleague helps worker cheat death

■ Robin Underwood / Contributed

A local workman at Skyline Homes survived an electrical shock that could have been far more serious.
The workman, whose name was not released, survived an event most would not, according to first responders.
The accident happened at Skyline Homes in San Jacinto, a business that builds modular and manufactured homes from the ground up. According to witnesses, two employees were working atop a roof on a home under construction. While applying finishing touches to the highest point of the home’s roof, one of the workers reached up overhead from a squatting position to help himself up.
He was positioned just under the warehouse ceiling that contained large metal trusses holding up the warehouse roof. On the bottom of the trusses lay a variety of lines for compressed air, electrical wires and area lighting. There also were large open holes for use by industrial fans.
When the employee reached up to grab one of the metal trusses to stand up, he apparently grabbed onto a live wire. Suddenly, a relatively high voltage electrical current was coursing through him.
Another employee also was on the roof at the same time working on the same home. He immediately ran to his colleague’s aid and kicked at him to free him from the wire without getting electrocuted himself. The move was a success.
It took the second man intervening to prevent further injury as the first worker’s fingers were locked around the wire unable to move.The electricity froze his muscles causing his hand to involuntarily remain gripped to the current source, witnesses said.
A scissor lift was brought over to help get the injured worker off the roof and lowered to safety. First responders were on scene in less than five minutes thanks to the nearby firehouse just a few blocks north of the warehouse.
One employee, Benjamin Kirby, said the injured employee, “seemed to be OK considering the circumstances. He was conscious and able to answer questions from first responders.”
Even though taken to the hospital by ambulance, the man was able to walk off the grounds without help. He is expected to be okay with no permanent injuries.

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