LETTER TO THE EDITOR – September 27, 2018

Dear Editor,

To the members in congress: Since President Trump was elected, both parties have fallen beyond short of doing the job(s) you were elected to do. Your job descriptions do not include arguing, protesting, etc. What happened?
Oh I got it! The left AKA liberals AKA Democratic Party want complete control over the entire federal government with no input or help from any Republican.
The “demo” in Democrat and democracy are about the only similarity between the two words now.
The word democracy is defined as meaning the government ruled by all peoples or elected representatives.
The word Democrat means adversary or supporter of democracy.
So having put that on paper, I would say that the Democrats are not even close to living up to their name. What do you think?
Let’s get to work, elected Congress-people. Don’t you think it is time? We, your constituents, think it is past time to do so.

Nancy Eller, Hemet

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