Officer assaulted by San Jacinto students

■ Chronicle News Staff

A San Jacinto High School student was arrested last week for investigation of attacking a Riverside County sheriff’s deputy working as a school resource officer following an off-campus melee that involved dozens of unruly students.
The event was captured on video by numerous passers-by, who then posted several videos on social media. After the students disarmed the officer of his baton, and while he was down on the ground with the student on top of him, a Good Samaritan reportedly stepped in to help the officer.
The teen who turned on the officer at one point tried to flee, but the deputy ran after him and arrested him. The incident occurred about 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 21, along Tiger Lane between North Ramona Boulevard and Santa Rosa Street in San Jacinto.
Witnesses reported that at one point the officer sprayed the crowd with pepper spray and eventually was forced to pull out his handgun after his baton was forcibly taken from him by students.
There are varying accounts of what started the brawl, but one witness said that the male youth was hitting or fighting with a female student, and the officer tried to intervene before getting into a fight with the male protagonist. That eventually escalated into a mob scene that prompted dozens of officers from the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Department to rush to the scene.
Although witnesses said the officer appeared somewhat unsteady on his feet, the Sheriff’s Department reported he was not seriously injured. Meanwhile the student, who is a minor, was booked into Juvenile Hall.

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