Lady Tigers survive Hawk attack

San Jacinto High School girls volleyball took 3-1 victory from visiting Citrus Hill

Photos by Corey Evan
The Lady Tigers work to fend off a Hawk attack last Friday.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

This one is for all you underdogs out there; Don’t let others underestimate you. Surprise them. Surprise them, just like San Jacinto High School’s girls volleyball team surprised Citrus Hill when they flew into the Tiger Gym on Friday, Sept. 21.
The Lady Tigers struggled to find their footing at first, as the Hawks soared to an early lead. But seeing this, and hearing the wild cheers coming from the Hawks’ cheering section, lit the fire under the Tigers’ feet. Or is it paws? Either way, the Tigers rushed back to clench set one of this match 25-23.

The Tigers are all smiles after surviving an onslaught by the visiting Citrus Hill Hawks.

After seeing this Tiger attack jumping out of the bushes, the Hawks preened their feathers and got back into the game. In set two, the two breeds were on each other like birds of a feather. This set was so close that it took the Hawks three extra points to win it 28-26, to tie up the match.
The Tigers did better in the third set, although they still encountered a Lion’s share of errors, both their own and the Hawks’, which allowed the Hawks to hang right in there. Such errors, plus a series of timeouts, ensured this set ran over half an hour. But then the Tigers got through those errors to take this set 25-20.
Set four saw lead changes both ways, before the Tigers finally pushed the game into matchpoint with the Hawks four points behind; The Tigers would need three attempts to take it, but in the end they would take this set 25-22. It was a hard-fought battle, but in the end the eyes of the Tiger won the match 3-1.
Head Coach Cory Sumrall summed up today’s struggles as the end of what was a ‘long week’ for his team: “We had a rivalry game on Wednesday against Hemet, our crosstown rivals… It was a very emotional game, so I feel that carried on into this game. They were able to hang tough, though.”
San Jacinto lost to Hemet 3-nil at SJHS on Wednesday, Sept 19.
Sumrall says team captain Alexis Beck was pivotal in holding off today’s bird attack. “Whenever we were in a tough spot, we were able to get her the ball and she would put the ball away when we needed it. Every single time.”
This win improves the Lady Tigers to 9-10 for the season and gets them their first Mountain Pass league win, improving to 1-3. Citrus Hill is now at a respectable 8-3 and 1-2.

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