Oldlympics 2018 is off and running!

The Chronicle catches up with the 2018 Valley-wide Oldlympic games at Hemet High

Phothos by Corey Evan
Runners lineup at the Oldlympics Track and Field meet on Saturday.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Some senior citizens might not get out as much as they would like, because they don’t know how, when or where to go. But more and more each year, local seniors are coming on out for the Valley-wide “Oldlympic” Games. The Valley Chronicle caught up with the 34th annual games during the Track and Field rounds at Hemet High School on Saturday morning, Sept. 22.
In charge of the games is Oldlympics Chairperson Keri Price. “Oh my gosh! We’ve had such a great turnout this year; We’ve had multiple events going double the amount (of attendance) that we had last year. We opened up events to make them bigger, we got new equipment so we could make them bigger. It’s been really fun and exciting for us.”

For those who weren’t running, there were balls to throw around.

According to Price, over 600 seniors registered for this year’s games. Roughly 100 of those registered were at the track meet.
Price did worry the weather might turn away would-be attendees. But oh was she wrong! “I was… a little nervous, especially this event because for seniors if it’s too cold, too hot, they don’t want to come out. So I was a little worried… We still had a great turnout.”
While no new games were added this year, several fan favorites have made a return including last year’s additions. “Texas Hold ‘Em is always a popular one, that ‘sold out’ (filled up) way fast!”
Price said she would like to thank her co-chairs for putting in as much time as they do for the games: “It’s really cool to have my chairpeople come back year after year, ‘cause I can’t do it without then.”
Price also said she thanks this year’s sponsors for their help in making the games possible: The City of San Jacinto, Rancho Family Medical Group, Hemet Community Medical Group, Home Instead Senior Care, Arrow Printing, Friends of Valley-Wide, The House of Portraits, Desert Hills Memory Care Center, Miller-Jones Mortuary, Dr. Koka and Associates, Inter-valley Health Plan, and the Soboba Foundation, among others.
The games conclude on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 3:30 p.m. with the 34th Annual Awards Banquet, which Valley-wide describes as the ‘highlight’ of the annual competition. Dinner will be provided at 5 p.m. following the ceremony. To sign up to attend the banquet, please call Keri Price by Saturday, Sept. 29 at (951) 927-6673.

Seniors toss a football as part of the many challenges in the Oldlympic games.

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